Nuclear wastes do not just go away. In fact, they “can remain radioactive and dangerous to human health for thousands of years.”

We may think that cemeteries filling up with bodies is a problem. How about precious rural spaces filling up with horrific waste that remains deadly for not just centuries but eons?

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What amuses me is those ‘green’ people who proudly drive their EVs but merrily hop a jet plane – which burns a massive amount of crude oil – for a summer vacation or ‘all-important’ global conference.

Conflicted? Hypocritical?

The truth is EVs are going to put a tremendous strain on our electricity grid. Moreover, dumping the vehicle’s spent batteries into landfills could pose another serious environmental problem. EV advocates say that won’t happen and that the batteries will be recycled.

I say, “seeing is believing.”

The same kind of ‘green’ people lied or partially lied to us in the 1980s about the apparent wonders of recycling and sold us a series of special bins so we could buy into the story through our excessive taxes.