Finland asks: Can a prime minister party like a rock star? | CTV News | Opinion

The leaked video of Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing and singing with friends has triggered a debate among Finns about what level of revelling is inappropriate for a prime minister, especially considering neighbouring Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which prompted long-neutral Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership.

Source: Finland asks: Can a prime minister party like a rock star? | CTV News

PM Sanna Marin


Most of us have seen video clips of Sanna Marin dancing and having a good time. And yes, she even looks a bit sexy with her arms up in the air.

The outcry over this video reveals several hypocrisies and hangups not only in Finnish but in our global society.

How would people react if Justin Trudeau was in that video? “Oh isn’t he cute? His wife sure is lucky!”

In other words, he’s a guy. It’s okay for guys to be boisterous and sexy.

A typical “wooden Indian” seen in roadside giftshops.

But women? Well, we still have this double standard where women in power and with great responsibility are expected to behave like proverbial wooden Indians (forgive the political incorrectness, the term stands for a real object, and I think in this case the political incorrectness is appropriate).

Wooden Indians stand motionless in the window display or just outside the front door of some roadside gift shops, they usually frown and say nothing. The fact that they are called wooden “Indians” is a legacy of colonialism because European explorers and invaders initially thought they had sailed to India, and the dumb term stuck.

Wooden Indians aside, even if some folks also criticize male politicians for being boisterous and sexy, what does this mean?

To me, it reveals a massive disconnect in modern society. We stream movies and TV shows about all kinds of sexy stuff – queer and straight, alike – and yet when a REAL PERSON behaves like our beloved fictional creations and commercial consumptions, some folks freak out.

Fiction is closer to reality in the 21st century, and our social selves are often terse fabrications based on social convention and political correctness. As any good postmodern will tell you, fiction is reality and reality is fiction. Or as the Bard put it, Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair.

Ask anyone how they are doing in my neighborhood and 99 times out of 100 you’ll hear a slightly high-pitched, defensive-sounding, “I’m good!” In other words, get off my back, I’m not revealing any weakness to you!

Nobody says, “I suck, and Covid, this wild economic inflation and Trudeau’s out-of-control taxes are bringing me down.”

But to return to the topic at hand, my God, Sanna Marin is only 36 years old and doing a job of immense importance.

Wouldn’t it be strange if she didn’t blow off a little steam?

The prime minister, who is married and has a 4-year-old daughter, has often insisted that even though she’s the head of Finland’s government, she’s just like anyone else her age who likes a good time with friends and family in their leisure time.

Source: Finland asks: Can a prime minister party like a rock star? | CTV News

Get real people. She’s smart, she’s cute and yes, she’s sexy.

What’s wrong with that?

I agree with PM Marin when she says on Euronews that what’s truly inappropriate is how she was required to get a drug test by the powers that be.

Would a man get the same treatment? Maybe, maybe not, depending on the man, if people liked him or not, and to what degree his enemies could wield an axe.

But again, the real issue here is social repression and hypocrisy. Instead of accepting our full humanity and range of needs, desires, and feelings, the higher we go, the more we are expected to conform to some silly Victorian ideal of purity—and even more so in draconian nations, where authoritarians like Putin and Xi are forever rewritings laws to reflect their increasingly repressive agendas.

We think we’re liberal here in Canada but there’s still a lot of repression and projection of what Carl Jung called the Shadow.

No wonder so many world leaders go AWOL and are caught lying through their teeth about their sexual escapades. Can you say Bill Clinton? He didn’t just dance but as a married man had a young intern at the White House perform oral sex on him.

Yes, America dragged him through the mud for a while but Clinton, the man, didn’t lose his job over it.

Ultimately, it’s okay for a guy, right?

Why in America, once your scandal blows over you can write a book about it and make even more cash money!

One thought on “Finland asks: Can a prime minister party like a rock star? | CTV News | Opinion

  1. Slight edit… added

    “As any good postmodern will tell you, fiction is reality and reality is fiction. Or as the Bard put it, Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair.”

    No change in overall meaning.

    11:27 a.m. – correction – “political correctness” changed to “political incorrectness”

    11:35 a.m. added link to Hank Williams song


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