The Big Showdown – Chrome vs. Edge

Last night I went for a drive and the moon was totally beautiful. It had a fresh, crisp look, even though the sky was a bit misty from the daytime rain. Coming home I felt I should try out MS Edge. I’ve read a lot about how this browser has “caught up” to Google Chrome and after about 24 hrs of testing (not continually, of course!) I have decided to give Edge more of a chance.

It seems a bit faster than Chrome on my almost vintage machines. And it uses slightly less RAM. Importing all my bookmarks from Chrome worked without a hitch. And even more impressive, Edge now accepts extensions from the Chrome Web Store. That’s possible, I guess, because both of these browsers are based on the free Chromium browser.

What about Firefox? some might ask.

Well, Firefox used to be my fav a long time ago. But things have evolved and now it seems a bit slow… like yesterday’s news.

Okay, so what’s last night’s moon got to do with this?

Nothing really!

But I often make associations and felt the Edge logo was sort of cool and crisp like the moon last night, whereas the Chrome logo reminds me of a childhood game called Simon, which itself reminds me of some kind of late 70s UFO, Close Encounters style…

Making associations may or may not be the same thing as Carl Jung’s idea of synchronicity but we could debate that for centuries, and this is not the place.

Final note is that you can set the default search engine to Google within Edge. I tried the Bing search and it has its pros, mostly a more visual presentation than Google. But when it comes down to the serious biz of blogging as fast as possible, I think I’ll stick with the Google search engine within Edge.

Have you done any browser comparisons? What did you find?

A little later – Oops. I just tried a voice search with Google in Edge. Doesn’t work. Had a similar issue with the generic Chromium browser. That might force me back to Chrome. We will see… 🤔

And my final association! 🙂


What are you thinking?

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