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To backtrack to the decade when I first became concerned about Eastern European organized crime in Canada, here’s a quote from a CBC story posted in 1999.

“One officer says the arrests are evidence parts of Canada are becoming sanctuaries for organized crime.”

Source: Eastern European crime ring | CBC News


Sensitive individuals who pick up on concealed realities are often ridiculed and marginalized if what they sense goes against the grain of what the average person believes.

How a Czech “super-spy” fed info to the Russians for years before being arrested and later released in a prisoner swap – The Guardian

One way some shady operators work is that they try to make you and those closest to you believe that you’ve got an overactive imagination. What’s YOUR problem? they’ll yell if confronted.

That actually happened to me with someone in a position of power who was damaging my vocational opportunities. Dealing with that person was like something out of a Stephen King novel or a twisted fairy tale. And that’s probably why people enjoy sci-fi and fantasy so much. It points to human realities, even if set in imaginary places.

Morfydd Clark’s elf queen Galadriel keeps pushing even when everyone says the threat of evil has vanished – The Guardian

Divide and Conquer

The person I dealt with seemed to enjoy turning some of my closest associates against me, leaving me alone in the cold.

What I personally endured is how warfare usually works. Divide and conquer. It’s a strategy that goes back to ancient Rome and probably further.

A lot more stories about espionage and transnational crime have surfaced since the 1990s, and I think that’s a good thing. As much as some folks would like to believe that Canada is immune to the kind of corruption we see in places like South America and Russia, that’s no longer the reality

The question is, what kind of country do we want for the future? And what can we do about it?

¹ This list of Gangs in Canada should wake up even the most cloistered of skeptics –

Note – This has been revised since originally posted on 9/23/2022

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