CIA betrayed informants with shoddy covert comms websites • The Register | Opinion

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Source: CIA betrayed informants with shoddy covert comms websites • The Register


I write a lot about hostiles who are trying to erode and outright destroy democracy. Some may think I am oblivious to the argument that all of life is warfare and struggle, all is “illegal” — not just, say, Russia’s annexation of parts of Ukraine.

But I reject that kind of thinking because history also demonstrates a real and tangible trend toward bettering the human condition.

As a species, we are working on racism, sexism, and many other types of discrimination. We have also been trying to raise the standard of living not just for a few but for all. Results have been mixed, of course. Some nations are better off and others arguably worse.

A Czech “super-spy” (pictured with a younger woman) secretly sent the Russians info for years – The Guardian

But without trying, without striving to make our world a better place, we would just stagnate—technologically and morally. And that’s why it is important to try to overcome hostiles who only understand crime, lies, and deception.

A world of lies and corruption is not a world worth living in. And without defending the ideal of democracy, we would just lapse into something like a pack of wild dogs.

It’s sad, those people who have never known a better way of life. Some of them say democracy is an illusion or believe it’s okay to be a crimelord.

The cost of such an outlook is clear and dear. Good people can become hardened sinners and rationalize their violence and exploitation of others.

Again, this is not only Russia I’m talking about. Although Russia does provide an undeniable ‘in your face’ example of just how bad things can get under the iron fist of a madman.

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