‘Truly historic’: Thousands march for Serbia EuroPride after 11th-hour announcement | Euronews | Opinion

Thousands took part in Serbia’s EuroPride on Saturday, following a last-minute statement by the country’s PM that the march could happen and would be protected by police.

Source: ‘Truly historic’: Thousands march for Serbia EuroPride after 11th-hour announcement | Euronews


As you can see, this story is a little bit old but I just watched a special segment on Euronews in which a Serbian politician, talking from an elegant government building, said that EuroPride is perceived as part of a package of Western occupation.

This is such a simplistic idea as if all Western people believe that LGBTQ activity is in line with God’s will. Many conservatives in the USA and Canada are not in agreement with LGBTQ activity and believe that the old biblical abhorrence of homosexuality still stands. Anti-LGBTQ protesters are not just found in Europe.

I found a similar superficial kind of outlook about the West from a Polish person who once said that North Americans were basically brainwashed by ads and TV. When I linked to an Earthpages article from my  Facebook page (I don’t use it much), they immediately unfriended me. I was being a vulgar capitalist, I guess.

The thing is, some of these people who seem to have a chip on their shoulder for the West are the first to run to the West when they need an economic bailout, a bit of military power or even a steady and reliable paycheck as a university professor. Also, they usually crave all the goodies that an industrial complex provides. The gym shoes, the gadgets, the higher standard of living (see SES).

The hypocrisy is grand.

Now, it is fair to ask if openness to the LGBTQ community is a Western ‘perversion’ or simply an aspect of the Western creative mind, a mind that evolved to cherish freedom in every way.

What do you think?

Not many people want to touch on this topic because it’s pretty hot and politically charged. But like anything in life, we should be able to discuss without fear of repercussions, regardless of what side we may or may not fall on.

Thousands of Serbia’s Orthodox Christians rally against EuroPride

What are you thinking?

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