Elon Musk finalizes deal to buy Twitter, starts firing top execs | CBC News | Opinion

Elon Musk completed his $44 billion US acquisition of Twitter late on Thursday and his first move was to fire the social media company’s top leadership, which he accused of misleading him over the number of spam accounts on the platform.

Source: Elon Musk finalizes deal to buy Twitter, starts firing top execs | CBC News


When I was a relatively green grad student in India I came home for the summer to visit my parents and go to the cottage. I remember going out with some friends in downtown Toronto and almost dating a woman I found quite attractive. A mutual friend set up the potential date with the proviso, “She’ll go out with you as long as you don’t talk about religion or spirituality.”

I shuddered at the thought and replied to my friend, “What? If you can’t talk about it, what’s the point?”

The young lady in question and I never had that date and it’s probably for the best.

The enduring issue here is, as I said so many years ago: If you can’t talk about it, what’s the point?

Not willing to discuss is a sign of regimented thinking. A person believes they are so correct that there is no point whatsoever in talking. Even worse when we have governments or companies that “will not tolerate…” this or that.

Mr. Trudeau says that a lot as did the former Twitter imply it through its censorship.

I personally welcome the return of Donald Trump to Twitter, if he does indeed return. Censorship is a sure sign of weakness and oppression. People should be allowed to have their say, and if you disagree, say so yourself.

When censorship is decided by a powerful few, a feeling of rot and stagnation creeps in pretty fast. I have felt this in Canada at certain Canadian online forums. That’s because our country is lapsing into nepotism, hypocrisy, and corruption. Let’s hope this move by Musk – who once lived in Canada – makes some impact on reversing that general trend around the world.




8 thoughts on “Elon Musk finalizes deal to buy Twitter, starts firing top execs | CBC News | Opinion

      1. If you welcome Trump back onto the platform where he has threatened me personally, I feel, with violence in his incitements, do you think i should be allowed to publicly call for the sitting president’s assassination on Twitter?


      2. That would be your moral choice and up to the new Twitter board. Personally, I do not believe two wrongs make a right, so your even suggesting it as a possibility sends a red flag my way.

        I suggest you seek professional help.


      3. That’s a fair question and I’m glad you left it open, as I intended. However, I think you might a bit naive about the workings of your country. If you think only one of the parties is blatantly corrupt, I suggest you think again.

        My own opinion is that too many people project what Carl Jung called “The Shadow” onto Trump. That shadow might be in themselves, it might be rampant through society, or both.


      4. I am familiar with the shadow and Carl Jung’s work. I assume you are familiar with the more basic psychological principles of defense mechanisms, denial, and projection as well. “Open avowal of dictatorship is much less dangerous than sham democracy. The first one can fight; sham democracy is insidious.”
        ― Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

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  1. Let’s back up a bit. How do you feel that Trump “threatened [you] personally with violence in his incitements”? I ask because on FOX news I recall seeing some examples where the Democrats used warlike metaphors. That’s pretty common in politics and also in sports. I’m not surprised since those two human activities probably grew out of the primitive urge to acquire things by force—e.g. those apes with clubs in 2001: A Space Odyssey!


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