Opinion – Big Brother’s texting, Big Sister’s on the landline

Unbelievable — The powers that the government has assumed since the outbreak of Covid in 2019-20. Now that the masks are off and we’re allowed to congregate again, Big Brother and Sister have not entirely loosened their grip on the public. I have received emails, texts on my phone, and more recently, a spoken message on our landline phone urging me to not only get the latest bivalent booster but also a flu shot.

My God, enough is enough. Isn’t the odd public service message on TV or the radio sufficient? This bombardment of scientism – not proven science – makes me feel like Canada has become a place where petty politicians and puffed-up medical officers are actively misleading us to fulfill an agenda they seem to believe in. I say seem to believe in because often in administrations those doing the talking are just toeing the line to save their own skins.

Reification is the idea that social constructs, ideas and rules take over human agency. We all pretend to believe and endorse certain things because if we don’t, we suffer societal repercussions. The same dynamic happens in a Church like Catholicism where rules and regulations are paramount. If a priest openly counters what the Vatican teaches, he’s out on his ass pretty fast. So he has to hide what he really thinks and toe the line if he wants to continue in his middle-class lifestyle replete with room and board, wheels, and dental insurance. Granted, some may keep quiet out of fear of displeasing God but I would bet many are also thinking about the economic side too.

“Trudeau, Tam say all vaccines are safe and effective after NACI guidance causes confusion” – CBC.ca

Is a similar thing happening in Canada? Or do our politicians and medical officers really believe the simplistic gloss they spread regarding the efficacy and safety of Covid vaccines?

“The vaccines are safe,” Trudeau said on TV even though some people literally died shortly after receiving them.

Myself, I don’t like hearing prerecorded half-truths on the phone or being texted about it. Half-truths are what cheap hustlers say when they’re trying to sell you something.

“Hey, it’s really good stuff, man!”

“But is it safe? I heard someone freaked out and died from it,” a wary buyer asks.

“No, no, baby. It’s safe. Trust me…” says the pusher with tombstones in their eyes.

I imagine other people worldwide would feel the same way if their governments were as invasive and dishonest as some elected and appointed representatives in Canada have become.


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