NYC Hates Its Middle-Class Homeowners – Watts Up With That? | Opinion

Further, if hundreds of NYC buildings were to suddenly depend on electric heat, I have no faith in the city grid to rise to that level of demand.

Source: NYC Hates Its Middle-Class Homeowners – Watts Up With That?


Another side to the Great Green hegemony concerning the ‘Climate Crisis.’ Myself, I do not deny that the Earth is warming. But I do question the precise causes and also what it all means for the future of humanity.

The current ‘conversation’ is far too dumbed down for my liking—i.e. carbon is the main cause and the outcome will be globally horrific. It’s not even a conversation, as people like Al Gore would argue – remember “The debate is over”? – nay, it’s like an infallible religious doctrine.

No wonder so many card-carrying Greens hate religion. Some are just as bad as any regimented religious fanatic and argualby hate themselves, projecting that hate onto people like me who merely want to use the intellect God gave them.

How pathetic and authoritarian.

Trudeau proving once again that he may have charisma but exhibits the analytical skills of a junior high school student

I’ve talked about alternative causes and outcomes before. If anyone wishes to discuss and not merely jump on the Trudeau-Biden-EU bandwagon, feel free to comment here.


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