Scientism: A Dying Faith? – The American Mind | Opinion

Hopefully, many people are starting to see that the future belongs to those who will be able to fill the post-technocratic void.

Source: Scientism: A Dying Faith? – The American Mind


For a long time, I have talked about scientism in contrast to good, honest, and humble science. The two are as different as night and day but unfortunately, not everyone sees that. I’ve also compared contemporary scientism to the medieval Church. Probably not a few readers thought I was just ticked off about something and being reactive—before the pandemic, that is.

After the pandemic, only the thickest of the thick could not see how many holes and flaws became apparent as government officials around the world spouted drastically different recommendations and mandates over the supposed “science” of Covid research.

Just now I was pleased to see the above article, written far more formally than I ever will but nonetheless saying more or less the same thing. This quote in particular jumped out at me:

Source: Scientism: A Dying Faith? – The American Mind

Three politicians that come to mind here are Justin Trudeau, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden. All seem oblivious to the argument outlined in the above-linked piece. With Trudeau, I don’t think he’s just playing dumb. I think he really is dumb in this particular area (he’s certainly not dumb when it comes to the charisma and social skills required for hobnobbing with elites). Harris and Biden, on the other hand, I’m not sure if they’re just posing or equally as clued out as Trudeau—again, in this particular area.

Scientism doesn’t just apply to Covid. It can be applied to a wide array of social concerns, from peddling pills for Big Pharma to taxing people into poverty over climate change.


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