Just fixed a couple of links… and a minor Sunday afternoon grumble

You’ve probably noticed that I have reverted to a theme I used a long time ago. It’s not as wide as the previous theme but gives more control over the appearance of the blog.

During the conversion, I noticed that WordPress.com is entirely about “blocks” and the old way of editing seems to have almost vanished. (Thank God I can still use the classic editor for posts like these). If you don’t use WordPress.com and don’t know what “blocks” are, no worries. I just mention it to say that the new way confused me a bit at first.

Old dogs, however, can learn new tricks. It just took a little longer in my case.

So this morning I finally got two images in the right column to link respectively to EP Today (the TV) and Earthpages.ca (the train).

I hope that makes navigation a bit easier. The Canadian news is especially hot these days because our PM is just making a hash of things and spending the taxpayers’ money like water.

A note on that.

People say that Canada has weathered global inflation better than the USA but what they don’t say is that our standard of living was already lower than the USA’s to begin with. And why’s that? Might silly taxes and other impediments to industry, innovation and the desire to do an honest day’s work have something to do with it?

When public confidence in the integrity of their government and government-funded institutions dwindles, how can we expect a country to do well?

The Decline of the Roman Republic
The Decline of the Roman Republic

It seems people sense the corruption and many figure that’s the only way to get ahead.

When in Rome…


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