The future of mental health care might lie beyond psychiatry – Vox

This is what the future of mental health could look like.

Source: The future of mental health care might lie beyond psychiatry – Vox


Back in grad studies, I wrote a paper from a cross-cultural perspective, suggesting that madness and mysticism are “states of mind and minds of state.” By that, I meant that the interpretation and treatment of psychological differences vary across cultures and subcultures. True, many cultures do accept the American diagnostic and treatment model that currently dominates the free world.¹ But practical and philosophical alternatives to the American-based approach have always existed and currently, we’re seeing a bit of a resurgence after a long winter of psychiatric hegemony.

Sadly, one oddly powerful professor I wrote for seemed too backward and psychologically regimented to understand what I was saying in my essay, and I am still paying the price for their incompetence. They came to Canada from a communist-occupied country, and I really think their dark background and struggle to make it in The New World tainted their whole way of being.

Well, that was back in the 1990s and no one can say I was not an innovative scholar. I actually began writing on this theme in the 1980s, and every other professor I wrote for understood and rewarded my work with an A-grade or above. In the 90s, I just ran up against a stooge who was about as flexible as a brick wall. Or perhaps I should say, an Iron Curtain.

Now in 2022, more articles expressing similar ideas are beginning to appear, like this piece from Vox:

Importing Western norms can alienate local populations, who may not view mental health problems as medical, brain-based problems.²

It can be frustrating and discouraging knowing that I was on the right track – indeed ahead of the pack – and doing good work only to be shot down by a backward imbecile.

Oh well, they can kill a career but not an idea. I guess it’s always been that way for some of us who are ‘just slightly ahead of our time.’³

¹ Not surprisingly, China and Russia use different classification systems and treatments for so-called mental disorders.


³ From an old Panasonic ad that I don’t expect everyone to have seen! 😊




3 thoughts on “The future of mental health care might lie beyond psychiatry – Vox

  1. Just caught a typo. I am currently experimenting with the idea of not logging minor corrections and only mentioning major edits (e.g. changes of meaning). In the meantime, I’ll keep doing it as I have been. I’ve been mentioning edits because I felt it only fair to those who “like” articles. If I change it, they deserve to know and perhaps even “unlike.”

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    1. I think there are at least three main types of people. One type believes psychiatric truth claims without questioning them. Another group sees more to the human situation than what psychiatry currently offers. And a third group is like the second group but pretends to be like the first group because they are involved in criminal activities and/or harmful espionage and cannot publically admit that others might intuitively sense this. Generally speaking, the first group is naive, the second group is wise and the third group is evil.


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