Strange coincidences: Are they fluke events or acts of God? – Los Angeles Times

What’s the probability of something happening? Or of two things happening at once? Scientists offer up explanations for “meaningful coincidences.”

Source: Strange coincidences: Are they fluke events or acts of God? – Los Angeles Times


The article tells of a man, Dr. Bernard Beitman, who begins to choke uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Beitman wasn’t eating or drinking so cannot understand the cause of his discomfort. Later he learns that his father had died 3000 miles away from throat bleeding, “choking on his own blood at the same time as Beitman’s mysterious episode.”

When I read this I thought of some priests who mysteriously begin coughing at the high point of the Mass, just before the Eucharist. And speaking for myself, there have been times when for no apparent reason I have felt pain in my shoulders or have begun feeling incredibly “dry” in my throat which has led to coughing. With my coughing, there was no eating, drinking, spittle caught in my throat, or anything like that. I just felt this spiritual environment of “dryness” come over me, almost like a mystic dust cloud.

Over time I came to be able to more or less discern certain people who had this effect on me. You get close to them and wow, it’s like you’re hit with a wave of spiritual pollution. So I figure since spirituality transcends time and place, it is possible for these subtle spiritual environments to connect from one location to another as genuine interior experiences than can affect the body.

Put simply, I believe we can sense vibes not just from people we’re up to close to, but also at a considerable difference—perhaps but not necessarily in real-time.

That would be one explanation for the apparent synchronicity outlined in the above-linked article. I’m sure other people could come up with different explanations.

Check out my Ph.D. if interested in the idea of synchronicity. I look at just about every instance of synchronicity Carl Jung talks about in his Collected Works and from other sources as well. Although the Ph.D. didn’t exactly hit the NY Times bestseller list overnight it has proved to be a slow burner, receiving more notice with every passing year. Someday I might give it an edit and update. Back when completing the thesis I was a far less experienced seeker and writer, had no Grammarly, and was dealing with so many strange, vexing, and sometimes hostile small-p political forces it’s a miracle I pulled it off at all. 😳


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