Striking the balance…. and a slight change to our Policy and Disclaimer

Recently I have been trying to figure out how to make edits without compromising myself or my readers’ trust. Suddenly it came to me. A simple solution is to just update Earthpages’ Policy and Disclaimer.

Just now I went over the entire Policy and Disclaimer with Grammarly, which sometimes got it wrong but also helped. The area outlined in blue for item 13 is all-new and addresses my concern to maintain integrity even if I do not announce a particular edit here and there.

From Earthpages' Policy and Disclaimer
From Earthpages’ Policy and Disclaimer

The way I see it, if you play it too safe and never be slightly controversial or (therapeutically) push other people’s buttons, your blog becomes a snoozer and a waste of time. But if you go too far, well you can not only hurt someone’s feelings but also get yourself in hot water. So it’s a fine line. I don’t have an editor peering over my shoulder or a wife to say, “That’s too much, Honey!” But with every passing day, I do develop as a person, along with different situations. So I am my own editor but sometimes it may take a while.

Perhaps my desire to edit is something like the sun coming out after a much-needed rainfall. Or maybe a heavy rain after too much sun. Admittedly, I am a bit like the weather, and make no apologies for that. I much prefer to live a natural, dynamic life than be like a safe robot who never says or does anything meaningful at all.

So if you notice any changes that I didn’t mention, refer to #13! 😁


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