Christmas Without You – YouTube

Oh, What the heck. After staying up and tweaking the audio as much as I could, I wavered on whether or not I’d post this. To be honest, I was afraid my rendition would scare away any potential lead vocalists, and planned to do a more polished, edited vocal track in the studio. But try to imagine this with your huge George Michael or Dua Lipa voice. That’s what I want for this. A BIG VOICE to carry this tune.

You can hear a studio version, from a few years back, here. My next production for this – with your vocals – would probably be a lot cleaner and not so layered. I say that ‘cos I’ve learned a lot about digital studio work since then. 😊

If interested, please contact me! Merry Christmas! 😄

Christmas Without You © Michael W. Clark, 2022.


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