What to watch for to help save a victim of human trafficking

Wednesday is Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US.

Source: What to watch for to help save a victim of human trafficking

Yesterday the local police in Canada did a presentation on TV announcing how they were going to beef up awareness training for police officers on how to recognize victims of human trafficking. Apparently, it can take up to three meetings with a victim before some police can realize what’s going on.

Myself, I told a story here some years ago about how I encountered a young woman begging and was struck by the faraway look in her eyes. She seemed Romani to me and her gaze was understanding as if to say, I know why you don’t want to give me money. I’m trapped and you don’t want to reinforce it.

Struck by the beauty and tragedy in her eyes, I felt there was nothing I could do and simply said, “I’m sorry.”

Yesterday while watching the police presentation on TV, I felt like adding:

Why don’t you check out some universities where sleazy operators involved in narcotics, arms dealing, and human trafficking love to hide out?

But alas, we’ll probably have to wait a few more years before society catches up to me on that particular point.

Canadians are good people but incredibly naive. They want you to be “polite” even when talking about the low end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, politeness doesn’t always cut it when you’re dealing with the dark, twisted minds of some individuals. We have to call a spade a spade and not beat around the bush. Otherwise, our country could become indistinguishable from hell-torn places where civil war among warring factions becomes the norm. We saw shades of this last winter with The Truckers vs. Prime Minister Trudeau and all he stands for.

If we don’t act now that could be just the beginning.

I don’t expect anyone to listen to reason, though. They rarely do until it’s too late.

What are you thinking?

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