Feedbro – Chrome Web Store – Review

Advanced Feed Reader – Read news & blogs or any RSS/Atom/RDF source.

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Source: Feedbro – Chrome Web Store


A pretty good feed reader for news junkies like myself.

What I like:

  • Imports OPML file
  • Loads all my feeds (I have a lot)
  • Doesn’t crash my computer like desktop apps can (because I use so many feeds)
  • Nice interface and different themes from dark to light
  • Displays icons for news sites providing the headlines
  • Rename feeds if the OPML import comes out a bit messy
  • Scan a particular website/tab for available feeds
  • Adjust the auto-refresh rate (default is 30 minutes)
  • Search through a particular folder or feed with “Ctrl + F”

What could be better:

  • No effective search through “All Items” (possible with desktop apps like Quite RSS but these apps take forever and crash my PC)
  • Must manually sort folders by dragging with mouse (I’ve done the first letters but still not within the first letters) = tedious

Final points:

  • To search for a specific topic I still go to Google News or Bing News and conduct my search there.
  • Available for Firefox and Edge. I haven’t tried it with Firefox for a long time and never with Edge, so can’t speak to how well it works with those browsers.

What are you thinking?

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