New look… new content!

Actually, I’ve used this blogging theme before at Earthpages but really felt the need for change. I want the site’s news content to be more global and current. To achieve that end, I just added some RSS feeds (at the right column) originating from established news sites (FOX news is currently at top, not because I am a “conservative” but because I often find it spicy and fun, something that America excels at while other countries and aspects of the USA are choking to death with dreary and hypocritical “seriousness,” “politeness” “correctness” or “respectfulness.”

IMO the last three are often a sham. Major corporations, governments, and organizations often make cut-throat decisions, harming real people, under the guise of “decency” and “fairness.” The game can be so subtle. I’m thinking of a current example in the Canadian media but want to see how things play out in court before making any comments.

My own particular hand-picked stories are still here but are mixed in with the major RSS feeds, making my personal contribution a little less obvious.

I hope you enjoy the new Earthpages. I’ve got to keep moving forward and these developments reflect that. 😊


One thought on “New look… new content!

  1. Ooops. The Reuters RSS feed was giving stories 4 months old, and the FOX news was a bit too ghoulish for my liking. So I dumped the Reuters feed and demoted FOX to #2. My handpicked “EP Today” is back at #1.


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