And yet another chatbot… this one biblical

Seems there’s a new bot on the block, one that answers with biblical references.

Religion is interesting because we have so many different ways to look at it, so many interpretations and ways to cherry-pick scripture to ‘prove’ what we believe.

For me, experience is king, thinking about that experience comes second. But thinking is important. It helps us fine-tune our religious practice so we don’t get caught in someone else’s hangups, limitations, and rigidity.

As I return for a second round of churchgoing after a three years absence due to the pandemic and maybe a need for a break, I approach it both calmer and wiser. I understand the benefits and not-so-great aspects. When feeling the benefits, it’s almost like I’ve returned to life after living a shadowy desert dream for the past three years, seeking ‘water’ wherever I could find it. No longer pushing, I’m gliding again.

A second life, indeed, with a whole network of believers back in my heart, soul, and mind.

But I haven’t forgotten the things I don’t like about Catholicism. This time around I’m using more humor in my critique, and only with those whom I believe are open-minded enough to realize that no religion on Earth is perfect. The Holy Spirit may be perfect but not those aspiring to receive it! 😁


What are you thinking?

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