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History: The Power of the Idea and the Idea of Power

By Jeanne Belisle Lombardo © Copyright 2012 Center for Future Consciousness Early on in Preface to History, Carl G. Gustavson refers to the philosopher George Santayana’s famous lines on the relevance of history.  He does so with good cause for … Continue reading


Postmodern Theology – Who’s got the power?

When I studied Michel Foucault and postmodernism in the 1980s, many so-called intellectuals overlooked the idea of the holy, as taken on its own terms, and focused on a stripped down notion of socio-cultural power. Society was just the outcome … Continue reading

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Today’s Top Tweet – Earth at night

Earth at night video – #mankind #Earth #space — (@earthpages) December 20, 2016 OPINION Part of me is tempted to go into the usual New Age preachy theme about how we’re all one and if we just came … Continue reading

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Though only 1% Hindu, 25% Italians believe in reincarnation & 20% in karma

Special to In a predominantly Christian nation Italy, though only one per cent declared to be Hindu, but a quarter believed in reincarnation and nearly a fifth believed in karma, according to a survey/poll conducted by research firm SWG … Continue reading

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A Brief Guide to African-American Worship

By Dr Ty King While the diverse cultures of the Christian world have their distinctive and beautiful approaches of worshipping, there’s something distinctively enriching regarding African-American Christian worship. We trust it exemplifies principal outlines of thought & experience that do … Continue reading

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Purging daily demons: what’s behind the popularity of exorcisms?

Joseph P Laycock, Texas State University At Texas State University, I teach an honors course called “Demonology, Possession, and Exorcism.” It’s not a gut course. My students produce research papers on topics that range from the role of sleep paralysis … Continue reading