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The old New Age, hippie saying “Be Here Now” taken to the extreme

"This conspiracy theory borders on the outlandish (which isn't unusual for a conspiracy)" — (@earthpages) May 18, 2017 Today’s tweet caught my eye not because I believe it. Cummon. The idea is that a large chunk of history … Continue reading


Synchronicity: New Age Fantasy or Face of the Future?

Parts relate to whole, the chain holds on, and where it ends, unknown — Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man Introduction Most people have some inkling as to the meaning of the word synchronicity. “Chance? Coincidence? Signs?” they’ll usually reply when … Continue reading

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Today’s Top Tweet – Big Boy and the Serpent (a brand new myth for all ages)

Big Boy and the Serpent – A Brand New Myth For All Ages #myth #mythology #transformation — (@earthpages) February 13, 2017 A couple of weeks ago I put together a new blog called msea4ever. Its About page … Continue reading

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Interpretation stage of science eclipsed by the wonders of new tech?

New research is connecting genetic variations to schizophrenia and other mental illnesses via @ConversationUS — (@earthpages) May 9, 2016 Don’t get me wrong. I am the first to champion the elimination or, at least, alleviation of unnecessary suffering. … Continue reading

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Diverse religious leaders urge New York’s Whitesboro Village to change emblem

Special to In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Christian-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Baha’i-Native American leaders have urged Village of Whitesboro in Oneida County of upstate central New York to think of changing its controversial official seal as many considered it inappropriate and offensive. Senior … Continue reading