Earthpages is a non-commercial blog about dialog, understanding and change.


We post news, opinion, reviews and submitted articles for free.

Unlike some bloggers and academics, we won’t automatically shut you out if we disagree with your views. We’re not afraid of disagreement. We believe learning and growth often depend on it.

To learn more visit Submissions.


The site began in 1997 before 9/11 and the dot.com winter. The web was new and many believed it could change the world.

One day after graduating I got the idea to develop an interfaith global-village style website where different articles, perspectives and opinions could happily find expression.

Since then Earthpages has seen many changes. But we still believe that dialog can make a difference.

— Michael Clark, Ph.D

18 thoughts on “About

  1. We’re currently in transistion from the ‘old’ earthpages to the ‘new’ earthpages. Mostly the site content will be the same but comments, such as this one, will be incredibly easy to post and read.

    We’re very enthusiastic about this change and hope you will be too!

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  2. Firstly, congratulations on building such a great website with honest intent. I’ll be reading more of your website since i am very much interested in topics related to peace and religious tolerance.

    Also, thanks massively for the trackback,hope you enjoy my work!

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  3. I can so relate to the comment you posted about your computer, I am working wih an older computer too. When my first one died on me, this one was given to me.its a Windows 7, slow. I been mainly working on a tablet, that not good, to do, I heard. It is all I have right now until I up grade. It makes it harder to edit.

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  4. There are things you can do to speed up a windows 7 computer. That’s actually what I use on my “good” computer. Two things that slow down computers are:

    – not enuf RAM and
    – weak/slow processor ability

    You can usually tweak for more free RAM by limiting startup items and stopping or disabling any unnecessary processes. If more people did a bit of Googling (research) they would probably buy a lot less new computers!

    Let me know if you want to try, have any specific questions. Always good to *back up any important files* before messing with your computer!

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  5. I am honored that you linked to my post about “pedophile nuns.” Historically, they could inflict as much emotional damage as predator priests.

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