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Frequently Asked Questions

Your site displays Google Ads. Why do you say |  is non-commercial?

  • Google Ads automatically appear as part of the free service offered by doesn’t pay Earthpages anything from the revenue it earns from Google Ads. In other words, Earthpages is not earning any revenue whatsoever from the Google Ads displayed on the blog.

Why do you use Creative Commons images?

Why do you use Creative Commons Non-commercial images?

  • Although we may permit links to authors’ websites that, themselves, contain links to paid-for goods and services, Earthpages has no economic affiliation with these authors or their goods and services and itself generates no income whatsoever.
  • We only use Creative Commons noncommercial images if an article “stands alone.” That means the article provides enough meaningful informational content, without clicking on any of its links, to justify its non-commercial status. In other words, you can get something useful out of the article without visiting the author’s site, where something may be advertised or marketed.

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