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Earth is hot at the core – something for CO2 tax fanatics to remember

So here’s a story that reminds us that the Earth is incredibly hot at the core. I’m not a geologist but I am wondering: If the mantle can peel off and cause earthquakes, might not some of those deep fissures affect Earth’s surface temperatures?

When I suggested this some time ago at the late David Bowie’s site, I was virtually assaulted… it was implied that I was a “denier” with my head buried in the sand, simply because I wanted to discuss the issues, given the considerable uncertainty we have with regard to just how the Earth maintains its surface temperature.

But oh no. The fundamentalists couldn’t see past their new sci-religion and just look at the issue from as many angles as possible. Like all good fanatics, their pat explanation was good enough for them. And anyone who challenged it was some kind of global criminal. Sad, how regimented some people are.

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One fifth of the word’s plants are endangered

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“Only God can make a tree” but it makes sense for people to plant them

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Chernobyl – 30 years after

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The pros and cons of environmental regulation

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Canada fares poorly in green report card – US and Australia even worse

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Become Nika – What does ecology mean to people on the street?


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