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Mother Teresa – the reality and the myth

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Catholic Church in decline in US

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Steven Greer & David Wilcock – The Matrix

Thanks to Shamagaia for forwarding this. I have to admit that I haven’t listened to it fully. But I did click thru and listen to short bursts, to determine if I was familiar with the material. I guess that’s the Digital Age way of what used to be “skimming” over a written article, which if I remember right, was not regarded as a bad habit in high school but, rather, as a valuable skill.

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The State of the Science: Parapsychology (Book Review)

Doubtful ~ Sharon Hill

In October of last year I wrote a blog post about a review of a new parapsychology compendium. Finally, I’ve gotten to read the entire book referenced for myself, cover to cover, 400+ pages.

cardena coverParapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century (2015) edited by Etzel Cardeña, John Palmer, David Marcusson-Clavertz

It took about 7 weeks to get through the whole thing. I took copious notes, as I always do, to help me remember and understand. But why do this? Most people have zero interest in academic parapsychology. They can’t even explain what it is or why I might pay any mind to it. Most of my skeptic friends dismiss it outright. I’ve been interested in professional and amateur endeavors in this subject area for 20 years. There are two main reasons why I spent so much time crawling through this book:

  1. I wanted to see what they have to…

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The Black Madonna of the Darker than Dark Forest

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Steve Hammons talks about spies, weird science and journalism

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Readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being

I was just surfing the web, looking for spirituality articles and came across this.

The nursing diagnosis readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being is defined as an “ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person’s connectedness with self, others art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself.” (Anonymous, 2002, p. 68) and was approved by NANDA in 2002.

Defining characteristics

A person with this diagnosis may:

  • Having an enhanced desire for hope
  • Feel that there is meaning and purpose to their life;
  • Have a sense of peace or serenity;
  • Surrender love;
  • Be forgiving towards themself, and request forgiveness of others;
  • Request forgiveness from others;
  • Have a satisfying philosophy of life;
  • Experience joy, courage, or heightened coping;
  • Pray or meditate;
  • Connect with others;
  • Provide service to others;
  • Experience connections with nature;
  • Experience connections with or a desire to create art, music, or literature, particularly of a religious or spiritual nature;
  • Experience a connection with a power greater than oneself;
  • Report mystical experiences;
  • Participate in religious activities.


  • Anonymous (2002). Diagnosis Review Committee: New and revised diagnoses. Nursing Diagnosis 13(2) p. 68-71. Philadelphia:NANDA

Article Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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