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Today’s Top Tweet x3 – Plastic bags, pollution and creepy peeps

garbage-bag-1256041_640There are a lot of problems out there. So I like to rotate among them. Focusing too much on just one issue gets boring after awhile. And creepy or just facile people tend to peg you as a particular kind of sh** disturber, flake or loony if you harp on one topic too much—even if you are right.

I shouldn’t really care about people like that. But part of running a successful blog is reading public perception. So I rotate. And I actually like doing that. It keeps things fresh.

Today’s pressing problem is about plastic bags and pollution. Plastic bags can be used for many good and not so good purposes. In Toronto we recycle some of them so I don’t really understand why other places don’t follow suit… if they haven’t, that is. We also have a special garbage pickup for toxic waste. It’s a bit of a hassle having four different types of garbage pickup (garbage, green, recycle and toxic). But globally, it makes sense.

When I was a kid garbage was just garbage. One thing to put out. But times have changed. And so should we.

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Well, this would be one solution to mowing the lawn…

Apparently they’ve been doing this in Europe for ages!


Arctic greenbelt on increase – climate change

More new plants to compensate for those drying up?

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The whole concept of the “zoo” needs rethinking

Yes, my aunt took me to the African Lion Safari just outside of Toronto back in the day. And I probably have been to other dingy little zoos as a kid that I can hardly remember. But as an adult I think I could have done without those less than memorable experiences. Also, we have so much online content now, kids can learn about animals fairly well and then take real trips to exotic locales later in life if they really want to see these creatures in the flesh.

So I think the whole idea of the “zoo” needs rethinking. I felt this way when this story first broke, and almost said something about it. But for some reason I didn’t feel like “getting into it” that day, so just left the story without any personal commentary.

The story has persisted, however, and I think rightly so. It sparks debate about how uncivil “civilized” people are who capture animals and use them for fun and profit. —MC

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Alert! Russian Rocket Carrying Highly Toxic Waste May Land In Canadian Arctic

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One fifth of the word’s plants are endangered


Ethics, embryos and the petri dish