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Researcher – Aliens might be detected by their planetary emissions

Every planet would be unique so there’s really no baseline for comparison, I would think.

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ETs – We are not alone… or are we?

I think the biggest problem with stories like this is that they assume ET life would be like ours… both in terms of (1) chemical makeup / physical needs and (2) means of communicating.

Many psychics, introverts and mystics claim to be in contact with ETs. The biggest problem with THAT idea is that we can’t really confirm nor deny their claims. They are probably sensing something. But is it their imagination? Or might they be deceived by unfriendly spiritual powers (along the lines of the Christian notion of the discernment of spirits)?

The more I listen to popular talk shows about ETs, the more some sound like cheesy fronts or covers to me. Or maybe just sheer entertainment hucksterism. I can’t be sure, of course, but it seems like the same old types of somewhat clever/somewhat goofy characters keep reappearing on these broadcasts and podcasts, telling the same kind of kooky stories: Long-winded tales about cattle mutilations, bright overhead lights on the highway, etc.

I think ETs could exist. But not necessarily in the anthropomorphic way they’re often portrayed.

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Steven Greer & David Wilcock – The Matrix

Thanks to Shamagaia for forwarding this. I have to admit that I haven’t listened to it fully. But I did click thru and listen to short bursts, to determine if I was familiar with the material. I guess that’s the Digital Age way of what used to be “skimming” over a written article, which if I remember right, was not regarded as a bad habit in high school but, rather, as a valuable skill.

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Steve Hammons talks about spies, weird science and journalism

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Nationalism Does Not Promote Cosmic Social Unity

Concerning this (linked) article, part of me says “lots of nice talk but we need concrete steps to make things better.” Another part says “if we don’t consider the possibility of global unity, it will never happen.”

Someday, I think global unity will take place. But first, we have to get over xenophobia and, in line with the work of Carl Jung, projecting the shadow onto others.Laurent Little Green Alien Svg Med image

At that time, who knows. Mankind might get it together, only to be faced with an alien threat!

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Canadian university compares psychology and parapsychology

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New book about Arthur Koestler, parapsychology pioneer


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