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Shamanic Wisdom Quotes

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By Lee Neale

The following is a best of compilation of original quotes drawn from the well of my personal experience and Shamanic practice over the last few years. I hope they bring some spiritual nourishment to your day. Much peace and love to you all!

When it comes to life’s joys develop photos. When it comes to life’s disasters, develop memory loss.

A diamond in the dark impresses no one. Only when we see the brilliance in others is it reflected within ourselves.

We are all things. We are the cage, we are the key to the cage and the freedom that lies beyond it.

It’s all about now: what we do in this moment changes everything.

Why bother to sweep the leaves? Sit quietly and let the wind do its work.

There is no such thing as boredom; only laziness of mind.

Possibility: everything that you could ever imagine, and nothing you can’t.

At best, spiritual teachers can only point out the potential for a path, but the student must discover and walk upon it themselves.

People stuck in the past are doomed to repeat it. People who fear for the future are bound to meet it. Those who live in the moment are sure to enjoy it.

The blame game can become a disempowering distraction from what is good in the world, what is working, what great strides humanity is making. Our infatuation with certain powerful others as the answer to all our problems reduces our capacity to act; right here, right now, at the point of our experience, to shape our world for the better on our own terms, with our own heart and two hands.

If no one is smiling at you, check your reflection.

As the voice of divine inspiration, you are both the singer and the song.

To say that a human is behaving like an animal, is an insult to animals.

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I’m from here or there, I am this I am that, I am one of these or one of those: pointless. If we must identify, let it be known only that we are human and we are here together in this moment, now. That is enough.

We are notes struck upon a cosmic harp.

Time, time, time and time again. How many times before you count.

Life is music and your heart is an instrument. With love it’s easy to hear your place in the universe’s symphony.

I would rather fail on my own terms, than succeed by those of another.

Be yourself, no one else is going to be yourself.

There is a strong correlation between the decline of a civilisation and it’s inability to respond creatively to and with its environment.

The universe has a way of testing us through chaos. I believe it does this because it loves us, wants us to grow, learn and live a life of fullness and well being. Don’t be afraid of crisis, it is simply mother nature’s way of saying hi.

We are born enlightened. Ignorance is learned.

We are all ordinary miracles.

Your consciousness is an expression of nature. Your nature is an expression of consciousness.

Much better it is for the mind to be full of emptiness, than to be empty of fullness.

To grasp is to lose; to lose is to grasp.

Peace on Earth, not a piece of Earth.

Kindness + time + patience = joy

In our minds we live a million lives; in our hearts but one.

About the Author

Lee Neale is the founder of Shama Gaia. He’s an Australian-born sociologist, language teacher and Shamanic healer living in Japan.

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The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could by Cliff via Flickr

By: Wee Dilts

‘The Little Engine That Could.’ is one of those marvelous children’s stories that stays with you.

I’m 74 years old and still, to this day, when faced with difficulties, I often find myself remembering a picture of the little engine chugging down the mountain saying, ‘I knew I could, I knew I could.’

The story first appeared in 1930. There have been many versions through the 80 years.

As a trainer, teacher and psychologist, I don’t know that I can give you a better example of how to persevere and overcome obstacles.

If you haven’t read it, do so today. It’s free online.

Life is always full of obstacles and problems and all to often we just give up on our dreams and as the saying goes, we live out our lives in quiet desperation. How sad.

Vince Lombardi:
‘The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack or strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.’

Obstacles get in the way and your ‘I think I can’ may get weaker. This is the time to persevere. Push yourself into action. Never give up. Like the little engine, keep on chugging.

Albert Einstein:
‘It’s not that I’m so smart.  It’s just that I stay with problems longer.’

When the Universe sends you a creative idea, you often start out with the thought. I wish I could, I wish I could.

As you play with the idea and kick around ways to achieve it, you begin to image you can do it; ‘I think I can, I think I can.’

At some point, after you’ve reached the goal; you’ll be chugging along singing ‘I knew I could, I knew I could.’

The story is a great example of how to keep going when the going gets tough. I like this Japanese proverb:
‘Fall seven times. Stand up eight.’

A Desire is a creative idea that comes to you.  It’s your inner voice talking to you urging you to start chugging toward your goal.

These are the steps you need to take to reach the other side of the mountain:
1. Clarify your goal – write it down, get it clearly and concisely on paper. If you don’t know where you are going, I guarantee you, you won’t get there. The goal for the little engine was to get the load up and over the mountain. Great symbolism
2. Commit to achieving your goal – Like the little engines, song ‘I think I can.’ Commit to doing what it takes to get up and over your mountain. Reach your goal.
3. Create a plan – A man must have a plan. Write down your plan, step by step, how are you going to achieve your goal?
4. Visualize – mental imagery is potent stuff. During your meditation time, take a moment to clearly see your goal, see it as fully achieved. It works.
5. Start – This is the hardest step for most of us, it is easier to think, plan and scheme than it is to actually begin. Do some actual footwork each day, even if it’s as simple as making one phone call. Start.
6. A journal – Take time each day to write in your journal. Learn how to journal. This is an often overlooked, powerful technique for achieving your goals and actualizing your dreams.
7. Persist, Persist, Persist

Why should we stay with the struggle? Because when we succeed it helps us remember that success is merely a failure turned inside out.

We need a challenge to be fully alive and we set goals because we have the will to succeed.

Brian Tracy:
‘Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.’

When a difficulty presents itself be prepared. Practice visualizing your success.

Visualize yourself conquering your mountain. Keep on chugging.

The little engine puffing up the hill symbolizes the essence of not giving up.

I hope at the end of my journey I’m singing ‘I knew I could, I knew I could.’


So it seems that one method for reaching life’s goals would be to remember the ‘Little Engine That Could’ and keep on chugging.

‘The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground.’

Do you have an ‘I wish I could?’ Then go to work, start chugging up the hill to success.

Mahatma Gandhi
‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’

Copyright © Wee Dilts 2010

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About the Author

Wee Dilts is a counselor, psychologists, a metaphysical trainer. A teacher of self improvement for years. She has helped thousands with her Free articles and Ebooks on how to change your life. To get Free self help articles visit


Unique Gandhi festival in America

Special to

A unique first of its kind eco-friendly festival celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s life and message will be held in Nevada (USA) on Jul 26.

According to Tom Stille and Doug Keeney, coordinators of this Gandhi Fest; drummers, fire spinners, artists, healthy and organic food chefs, yoga teachers, DJs, and sustainable living advocates will join hands to celebrate peace, love, freedom, non-violence, self-power and conscious living as promoted by Gandhi.

Rajan Zed, acclaimed Indo-American leader, will be the keynote speaker who will talk about Gandhi’s life, philosophy, and experiments, and answer questions of the participants during this festival.

To be held at River School Reno, this festival will continue till two am, and will include folk dancing, musical performances, sustainable goods displays, nature tours, fire spinning, kite flying, yoga shows, organic food demonstrations, etc. Each festival participant will artistically contribute to a “Gandhi collage”, to be created on the occasion. A competition will be held to make Gandhi sketches. Plans are being formed to make this Gandhi Fest an annual feature.

There is a renewed interest world over in Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas, who is universally venerated as one of the paramount moral, political, and social leaders of the recent history, Rajan Zed adds.


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