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IBM might soon be synonymous with “cool futuristic” computing again

For the past few years, the idea of quantum physics has mostly been within the purview of research scientists and New Age pundits. But more recently, we’re seeing a practical application where the conventional “bit” in computing is surpassed by the quantum “qubit,” which isn’t bound by the traditional laws of binary processing.

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Solar plane’s epic journey also a human test

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Time to teach ethics to artificial intelligence


3 families sue sperm bank for selling from criminal, ‘schizophrenic’ donor

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Robot love – Till your battery charges no more…

I tend to see myself as a fairly open-minded guy. But last night George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM took the cake. In passing I heard talk about the idea of human and robot marriage. I have wondered if AI possesses some kind of consciousness. But never have I considered this!


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Are robots taking more jobs than they create?

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Robots – The next step in fantasy sexuality?


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