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The pros and cons of environmental regulation


Do “super spies” have parapsychological abilities?

I don’t think there’s necessarily a conspiracy to withhold info about spies who might have psi. That just seems too easy. When you think about it, if spies did have psi abilities, the canniest among them probably wouldn’t talk about it. They’d be lone wolves, reading minds and gathering info at a distance. And in a world where espionage is often internally divided, that would be their secret weapon to stay on top of the heap.

Let’s just hope that if psi spies do exist, they’re on the right side.

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Pope tries to eliminate death penalty

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Russian premier: ‘We have slid into … a new Cold War’

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I’ve heard of “happiness engineers” but this takes the cake!

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India wants to maintain wealth gap?

After reading this article I got the sneaking suspicion that some major players in India did some cool calculations indicating that it was more profitable for them to keep things the way they are.

While a student in India, it seemed that some of the so-called elite didn’t give a hoot about the poverty around them. There were noble exceptions from some truly exceptional people, but many take the Hindu religion to say that poverty is mostly due to karma. The poor did something bad in a past life so “deserve” their fate. At least, that is the explanation I often got from those apathetic about social justice.

The country is, for the most part, in dire need of development and it’s choices like this that will probably keep it that way.


Me at the Canada Dam, a Canadian funded dam in India.

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Corruption index tries to simplify complex issue

Here’s a refreshing article about corruption. Rather than taking the official “indexes” at face value, questions are asked and valid concerns are raised.

And here’s a tweet to the kind of simplistic reporting that we usually see, which only perpetuates real corruption.


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