Annie Lennox – From the doghouse to center stage

As we all grow older there is probably a significant percentage of the population who hasn’t a clue who Annie Lennox is. But when I was an undergrad student, she was the coolest thing since ice cubes. With Dave Stewart, her two-person band the Eurythmics helped to redefine what pop music meant and what it… Read More Annie Lennox – From the doghouse to center stage

Excellent video about Neurotheology

Is This Where God Lives in the Brain? An Epilepsy Case Study — (@earthpages) July 28, 2016 I’ve panned Dr. Andrew Newberg in the past for making seemingly simplistic claims. But it’s very possible I was wrong to do so. Either that, or his thinking and scientific humility has developed dramatically. This video reveals… Read More Excellent video about Neurotheology