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Found a dead link?

This can happen because Earthpages is a blog, and every time we update an entry or article to the front page, its web address changes. So a previously active link suddenly becomes inactive.

You can still type a desired topic in the search box at top right. Searches like this might not always bring a desired entry or article to the #1 position, but they will pull up related material (along with what you’re looking for).

We like searching this way because many related ideas usually appear for a given topic. And a holistic approach to knowledge often brings us closer to the truth than, say, focusing on one small aspect of a topic.

Just try searching “Jung,” for example, in the search box. Here’s what you’ll find.

Not just an article about Carl Jung, himself, but loads of related ideas. Cool huh?

(If you really want to read about Carl Jung, himself, there is a specific entry at, along with more Jung-related entries.)




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