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  1. This world they say is an illusion….a dream. Our thoughts and actions are like threads of a net that we weave around ourselves. A veil has been drawn over our mind’s eye and we live out our lives bound and blind folded. Life, they say is a play of shadows through which most of us sleep walk.Few have awakened from this sleep and have tried to show light to the rest of humanity. They succeeded only partly, passing away, leaving behind empty forms to be distorted and misused by their followers.Holy books, sacred messages, rites and rituals, they say, are mere shells. The spirit within, having long departed, along with the Messenger. These shells and forms are mere signposts for those who seek the formless…..and only the true seeker, they say, will find the Path.


  2. Most of us are at the mercy of our schizophrenic minds -which consists of shifting moods and states – an everchanging perspective of our circumstances and the people around us. Once in a while a flash of objectivity descends on us and we realise how easily we slip into our reactive, petty selves.


  3. Thanks for your site, I just scanned your article on Jung and your references to mandalas. While I argree with much of your critique of Jung’s selectivity I should point out that mandala’s are not soley eastern with many examples to found all over the world. If I have time, more later…


  4. Hi, thanks for your comment. I just did a search here for ‘mandala’ and a few articles came up. I’m not sure which one(s) you read but probably my thinking has evolved since writing them.

    Today I’d say that Jung’s analysis of religion and myth sometimes – but not always – seems to minimize differences. Whether or not Jung’s overall approach is valid or not is another question open to debate. He seems contradictory at times but also admits to being so, asking readers… “but who isn’t?”

    So feel free to add, critique, discuss. For me, Jung’s theory is like a big ball of wool–there’s always something interesting in there to talk about even if it gets a bit fuzzy at times.



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