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Leave a comment’s Very First 2008 Alpha Centauri Award!

Here it is. Our FINAL award. Did you make it this time? Watch and find out!


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Didn’t make it? Don’t worry. has one more award coming!

That’s right folks. We’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to do our fourth and final award. All we can tell you at this point is that we were thinking of naming it the “Alpha Award.” But that seemed too overworked. And we were very partial to the idea of an “Omega Award.” One of the meanings of omega is “limitless possibilities,” not just the connotation of an end.

But we felt too many people wouldn’t interpret omega as intended, so we considered the idea of an “Alpha-Omega” award. This is very Biblical, of course, as Jesus Christ says he is the Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end… i.e. the whole ball of wax).

Since that’s just a bit too grand for most of us, we suddenly had a flash… the new (and final) award for 2008 will be called the Alpha Centauri Award!

Although it appears as a single point to the naked eye, Alpha Centauri is actually a system of three stars, one of which is the fourth brightest star in the night sky…Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our Solar System at 4.37 light-years distant (Source: Wikipedia »

You’ll just have to wait and see what it’s about and who wins!

Leave a comment’s Very First 2008 Polaris Award!

It was a tough call. But here it is. The winner of our Very First Polaris Award for most promising talent in any category!


Nominees for Earthpages’ Very First 2008 Polaris Award!

Okay, things are coming together fast here. We’ve decided that The Polaris Award will be presented to the most promising talent of any age, in any category. Since educational/spirituality web sites are our specialty, it should be no surprise that we might be a bit skewed in that direction, this first time around.

Here’s the current list of nominees. We expect to add more and also invite you to offer a nomination or nominations before we make our final decision, probably later tonight.

  • Galina Pembroke: The webmaster of, Galina is a talented writer, organizer and knows how to get the message across. A champion of animals, natural health and the environment, we believe that New View Magazine is destined for great things under her guidance and direction.
  • Filip Moroz: This Polish blogger at never fails to amaze us. Pushing through language barriers to get his unique message across, Filip combines well-rounded knowledge, wit and razor-sharp insight to further his noble agenda–i.e. SAVE THE PLANET! All we can say is Thank God Filip’s heart is in the right place or else we might all be in trouble!
  • E. Raymond and Janet V. Rock: These Buddhist meditation teachers at are unique in that they’re not hung up on any particular path or ideology. Earthpages has much to thank them for. And we believe they’re just coming into their own, right now!
  • Dr. Darryl Pokea and Jan Jennings: This forward-thinking couple is unique in that they actually DO what they believe in. Darryl and Jan are each persons of many talents, too numerous to list here. And we believe that their influence on the web is far greater than most people would recognize. Their respective websites are and
  • Navniet Mahaajun: Among other things, Navniet is the webmaster at Like a bright celestial body she comes and goes according to her sacred path. Right now she’s not too visible on the web, probably because she’s too busy. But from previous years of higher visibility we believe it’s only a matter of time before she resurfaces and makes her mark toward the harmonious unification of all believers.
  • Patricia F. Hare: Pat is one of the few truly open-minded people in the realm of New Age and Spirituality. She’s a wife, mother, teaches creative visualization classes and is the webmaster of She’s also sharp as a tack and continually has her finger on the pulse of everything about science and spirituality.
  • Steve Hammons: Steve is a freelance writer on matters paranormal, political and just about everything else. A multi-talented person, Steve’s unique ability to bring the unusual down to Earth makes him a prime candidate for the Polaris. Steve’s work can be found in its entirety at American Chronicle.
  • Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls. Shaman Elder Maggie is one of those persons, like all good shamans, who work quietly in the backround to help others and make things go as they should. Her deep wisdom is rare and we believe she’s an important figure in the area of global transformation. She teaches courses on the web and publishes e-books from her web site at
  • Gus St. Anthony: Gus is a man of many talents. He’s probably best known for having the integrity and resolve to question US involvement in the War in Iraq well before it was politically correct to do so. Gus used cartoons to critique the unthinking caricaturisation of everyday Iraqis – and Muslims in general – so prevalent at that time. We don’t know where he is now but one of his pieces can be found here:
  • Stephanie Jacobsen: From the world of science fiction, we were stunned by the performance of Hong Kong-born actor Stephanie Jacobsen who played the new character Kendra Shaw in BattleStar Galactica’s recent Razor movie. Jacobsen charged right into the Galactica scene as if she’d been there a very long time. Impressive, to say the least.
  • Matt Dallas: Again from the world of science fiction, Matt Dallas plays the quietly exuberant Kyle in the ABC TV series, Kyle XY. We think it would be difficult to play a ‘blank slate’ boy created in a high-tech tank. Dallas’ performance is so convincing that the viewer is compelled to see the world in fresh, new ways, as if looking through the eyes of Kyle.

There are many others we could mention, but the list is getting long and we’re running out of time! So if you weren’t nominated this year, remember… there’s always next year!

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Earthpages’ first annual Halo and Polaris Awards is calling GRAPHIC ARTISTS…

…to design our new awards! These awards will be presented entirely online. Recipients will simply right-click-and-save or possibly watch a special video. The awards should include room for the name of the recipient and the year.

If we do happen to use your original artwork, be sure that we’ll put a visible link back to your website.

Submit/ask questions now as everything’s got to be settled by New Year’s Eve!

–Michael Clark

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Well, it took the Christian Church several hundred years…

earth-06-june.gif…to get their basic formulae down, so I’m not terribly surprised that it’s taking us a while to figure out how to do our Awards. Last night we proclaimed that they’d be called the Halo Awards. Today we’re thinking that we’ll also include Polaris Awards (we really like the idea of Polaris), and possibly Omega Awards.

So here’s what we’re thinking today.

The Halo Awards will for the most part be awarded posthumously. That opens the door to a wide variety of great people whom we’d like to honor. In very rare occasions we might present a Halo to a living person. But as a matter of course living persons will be awarded a Polaris Award.

As for the tentative Omega Award, we’ll have to think about that one.

We’ll keep you posted. And as we say, it took the Catholic Church several centuries to sort everything out, so do bear with us!

–Michael Clark

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Halo Award

We’ve decided that our annual award will be called the Halo Award!

Main Entry: 1ha·lo 
Pronunciation: \ˈhā-(ˌ)lō\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural halos or haloes
Etymology: Latin halos, from Greek halōs threshing floor, disk, halo
Date: 1603
1: a circle of light appearing to surround the sun or moon and resulting from refraction or reflection of light by ice particles in the atmosphere
2: something resembling a halo: as a: nimbus b: a region of space surrounding a galaxy that is sparsely populated with luminous objects (as globular clusters) but is believed to contain a great deal of dark matter c: a differentiated zone surrounding a central zone or object d: an orthopedic device used to immobilize the head and neck (as to treat fracture of neck vertebrae) that consists of a metal band placed around the head and fastened to the skull usually with metal pins and that is attached by extensions to an inflexible vest —called also halo brace
3: the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing 

Source »

See also »

We considered very seriously the “Polaris” Award. Polaris is the North Star that sailors used for navigation because all the other stars seem to revolve around it. It’s with great reluctance that we don’t use Polaris but Halo seems to be a notch above in that it refers to both observable and spiritual light. And it’s an idea found all around the globe. So Halo it is!