Was Thomas Merton a great mystic?

Imagine Thomas Merton Teaching You a Class on Christian Mysticism… https://t.co/hdaRPJVYT7 #Catholic #religious #mysticism — earthpages.org (@earthpages) September 11, 2017 Was Thomas Merton really a great mystic, as indicated above? When I think of great Catholic mystics people like St. Faustina Kowalska come to mind. She was so busy suffering for others and having daily… Read More Was Thomas Merton a great mystic?

Sacrifice, Service and “The Holy Helper”

https://t.co/dEwLLbhDGH — earthpages.org (@earthpages) April 30, 2017 Today’s tweeted story got me thinking about sacrifice and service. So many people find themselves in situations where they feel called to make sacrifices. If this truly is a call from God, then it’s a beautiful thing that usually bears fruit in unexpected ways. But there might be… Read More Sacrifice, Service and “The Holy Helper”

Inside the Universal Life Church World Organization

By David Richerd When it comes to the various denominations that have established themselves over the years, the Universalists are arguably one that is the most misunderstood. While there are some factions of the church that have been ridiculed for their quick buck mentality when it comes to being an ‘ordained minister’, there are actually… Read More Inside the Universal Life Church World Organization