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PollDaddy’s great but slowed things down when used to excess…

statistics often lie

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You may have noticed that when WordPress introduced PollDaddy we jumped at the opportunity by adding a poll for almost every recent blog entry.

What lovely eye candy! What fantastic interactivity!

Well, yes.. but… we found that too many polls slowed down loading time even with a highspeed connection, especially during those times when things were a bit slower than usual.

So who knows how all this affected dialup users… those much valued ‘salt of the earth’ folks not sucked in by all the hype and glamor of highspeed!

The bottom line is that we’re removing all PollDaddy polls except for the one in the sidebar, which will remain.

Trial and error… it’s the only way to learn.



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For geeks only…

computer_nice_150.jpgNow that – Think Free is becoming a bit better known I find myself posting more comments than ever. Being a stickler for spelling, I used to copy and paste my comments into my word-processor to spell-check before posting because many blog sites don’t have spell-checking for comments. This took time, was a hassle, and sometimes caused more trouble than good because I felt that posting into my word-processor somehow robbed me of the sense of immediacy that is so vital to the web. Remember McLuhan who said ‘the medium is the message?’ Well, maybe it had something to do with that.

But to make a long story short… The other day I explored my I.E. 7 browser and discovered that with a simple right-click a Google spell-checker for on-line forms appears. And oh, what a relief it is! Errors show up in red and corrected versions are green. Almost like Christmas!

In the past I’ve been pretty minimalist with downloading updates, mostly because I had modest equipment (I still do) and didn’t want to load up my HD with tons of junk that I didn’t need. But the times are a changin’, and so am I. Now I’m realizing that it’s good to keep step with the latest software.

In most cases, anyhow…