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Open Call for developers, team members


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Earthpages gets a new Facebook page!


Earthpages new Facebook page

There’s an old saying that success is like a snowball. The more it rolls down the hill, the bigger it gets. This has certainly been the case with my use of Facebook.

Since opening my personal Facebook page to the public, I’ve met a lot of really interesting people. People who I’ll probably never meet in person but who are open to relating through the web. Not everyone has that kind of global perspective. Some want to keep their Facebook page private for known friends and family. And I can appreciate that. But I believe the broader perspective will become increasingly normal in the future (it already is with musicians, who collaborate with like-minded souls at a distance).

It’s only a matter of time before mankind’s little boundaries get bigger. And I want Earthpages to be at the forefront of that change.

Funny thing is, as I get to know my new Facebook friends (whom I haven’t met in person), the whole bunch starts to feel like an extended family. Or maybe a circle of acquaintances. We all have common interests. And many post vital stories that I want to share with the rest of my Earthpages visitors.

But still, there’s a slight tension – I’ll be honest – with my extended circle, on the one hand, and my old friends and family, on the other hand. I have to think before posting family photos or divulging somewhat personal info. So far, I’ve managed the two realms on one Facebook page pretty well.

But it’s time to break free and start up a whole new page. And that’s why I’ve launched a second Facebook page for Earthpages. It’s quite new and doesn’t have many followers yet. But I am delighted that the search engines have picked it up.

This new page contains cutting edge stories and alternative commentary. It won’t tell you how I feel today or if I brushed my teeth after dinner! That kinda stuff will be at my first Facebook page, which everyone is still welcome to join. My new page, simply called “Earthpages“, is about what’s happening now. And what will make a difference tomorrow.

Check it out!


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Holidays… Vacation…


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Notice to Contributors: We’re not renewing our web space at National Capital Freenet (NCF) this summer

Screenshot of the old Earthpages

Earthpages, circa 2006

After much consideration we’ve decided not to renew our web space at National Capital Freenet (NCF) in summer 2009.

This means that content currently posted at NCF might be deleted sometime during the summer or afterward.

This notice refers to material containing (and some material linked from pages containing) these characters in the URL: or

Why are we doing this?

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been migrating to WordPress and making other changes too.

Most text-based contributions to Earthpages will be moved to our WordPress account (if they haven’t been already). But some pictures and images might not make the transition.

As we explain in our About page:

Over the years Earthpages has gone through many changes. Most notably, we’ve transitioned to blog format and adopted the dual-stream approach of and And we’re now placing less emphasis on world photos with the growth of great sites like and

For those whose material might be affected, we thank you so very much for journeying with us through the first phase of Earthpages’ development. You gave us hope. And we will always appreciate that.


Michael Clark, Ph.D.

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Learning the fine art of the Tweet


It may seem like we’ve been on vacation for the past few days. In a sense we have been. I’m out of the city, in a beautiful rural town which happens to have a great wireless connection.

While it’s not exactly the place to watch and review DVDs or update old articles (activities I’ve been doing here as of late), it is perfect for going through thousands of RSS feeds and finding the best of the best (or the oddest of the odd) for a quick tweet at Twitter.

So check us out. There’s nothing tardy about the headlines here:

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Gone fishing…

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New at – Flashforward

Seen a video on youtube that you think should be here? Just send us the URL and we’ll consider posting it.

Publicize yourself if you like. As long as your video meets a certain standard and fits with our mission statement, chances are we’ll post it.

Even better, we use WordPress tags to maximize exposure in the blogosphere!

No guarantees, though… see our Policy and Dislaimer for details. 8)