Transcendent warfare: Human consciousness the key?

By Steve Hammons (originally posted at Joint Recon Study Group 9/11/2008) The term “transcendent warfare” was used by a U.S. Navy SEAL officer several years ago to describe the use of leading-edge knowledge and methods that could be helpful in achieving many important objectives. The SEAL officer, L.R. Bremseth, indicated in a graduate-level research paper… Read More Transcendent warfare: Human consciousness the key?

The Remote Viewing Archives

By Gerald O’Donnell Reprinted with permission “Remote Viewing” (mental spying) was initially carried out by Eastern Block countries at the height of the “Cold War.” Secret PSI research associated with the state security and defense establishment was going on in the former U.S.S.R. and its many satellite communist countries since the early 50’s. Paradoxically, the… Read More The Remote Viewing Archives

ESP, remote viewing actually ‘complementary cognition?’

By Steve Hammons The term “anomalous cognition” has come to mean something similar to what has often been called the “sixth sense.” These concepts are also linked with names for this phenomena such as extrasensory perception (ESP) and remote viewing. However, is it true that certain kinds of perception are actually “anomalous,” that is, unusual… Read More ESP, remote viewing actually ‘complementary cognition?’