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Finding the Success in Failure

Success by Alosh Bennett via Flickr

Success by Alosh Bennett via Flickr

By Roy E. Klienwachter

Failure does not exist at higher levels of awareness. Failure is experienced when the mind is focused on the physical life and present circumstances.

Thomas Edison succeeded with the invention of the light bulb by eliminating all the things that didn’t work-more than a 1000 so called failures. Walt Disney created Disney Land from bankruptcy by successfully visiting over 400 banks before he found one that would lend him the money.

Neither one of these men focused on failure-in fact their minds were not focused in the physical world. Both of them had a dream and their minds were focused in the imagination where failure does not exist. It is a wonderful place where we have 100% control over the outcome, anything is possible and there are no limitations. If we stay focused we will always succeed. The so called failure comes from interpretation of the images into physical life and the failures are simply a process of elimination-taking away what does not work to get to what does work.

From the position of the silent observer (a place of quiet reflection), all steps you have taken lead you to this moment of awareness. From this place of observation there are just moments of success in the knowingness of all things are as they should be. What you perceive as failures are steps towards success. It is when you let go of the notion you have failed you will have found success. Your life can never be a failure-it always reflects your own thoughts. Even if you consider yourself a failure, you will find success in that belief. Your physical life will always demonstrate accurately what you believe. You can demonstrate what a failure looks like and be successful at it.

If you consider yourself a successful failure then it is relatively easy to move to another place. You have already arrived at where you said you now are. You were successful at getting there-at that moment of realization you can let go and begin to be successful at something else.

In your search for a certain grocery item, you stop into a store and do not find it-are you a failure or did you just make a poor choice. How would you know the store did not have the item you were searching for unless you stopped in-do you give up? You stop into three other stores and do not find what you are looking for, but you found two other items you have been searching for for months-is the trip a failure? Finally at the last stop you run into an old friend you have lost contact with-he invites you out to lunch and you order a dish which just happens to be made from the grocery item you were looking for.

Was this your original intension? From the place of the ego it would be a failure-you still didn’t find the grocery item you set out to find in the form you desired. The truth is (your root thought) you wanted to consume it. If you let go of the thought of failure and look back on the events you will see your intentions worked out perfectly-in fact you got more than the ego bargained for. When you work from a higher level of consciousness you will know things always work out favorably-intention brings opportunity which brings success. You may have forgotten certain aspects of what you desired, but opportunity in time brings them all together in place-the right time and place.

Even when success is not immediate, you will get what you desire as long as you maintain the power of intention. Your intention will bring what you desire when the opportunity for its greatest rewards are ready for manifestation. We often consider our failure when we try to control our success. To be truly successful at creating, you must allow the spirit to create it without the interference of your mind-know that it will happen and it will. The creation process itself is too complicated for the physical mind to comprehend. The only thing you need to know are the three steps-thought, word, and deed. Imagine what you desire, declare it is what you wish to create and know you have it. That is so simply, yet it is too complicated for most conscious minds to comprehend. Most people when told of this process will first consider the failure of it-and it is what they will experience. It’s just too simple, nothing works like that, they will snap their fingers and say-“see, I told you.”

With practice one will be able to snap ones fingers and create on demand-once you let go of the notion you cannot. Your history texts and holy scripts are full of these stories. In hind site you will find these experiences in your own life. The only other thing getting in your way of this kind of success is your belief you “do not deserve” and somebody else does. This you will also experience successfully.

The universe is perfect, what you consider to be your creator is perfect, therefore the systems which are in place-the natural laws are perfect. Humanity comes into conflict with them because he does not understand the perfection. All things are created from mind, therefore all things are possible-you are mind-all things you imagine are possible unless you believe they are not.

Seven years ago I went bankrupt from a successful business. I lost sight of my success and refocused on poverty as the way of obtaining spiritual enlightenment-stupid move-you don’t have to be poor to be spiritually aware. However, it was the path I chose. One of the greatest motivators of any belief system is it can be demonstrated that it works and brings you all that you desire.

In hindsight I can plainly see all things worked together to bring me the success I am enjoying today. I went from digging out coins in the phone both returns to buy supper-to publishing my first printed book this year. The book is now distributed in six difference countries and it’s only the beginning. I have finished my next book and have started on the third-there are seven more to come. I had no writing experience when I started and the process has been a great learning experience and a lot of hard work.

As much as I have learned spiritually in the last seven years, I still have years of negativity to overcome or let go of. The system has clearly worked for me and it is observable. The only limitations to what I can create come from the years of being told I cannot have anything that I desire-but mostly from the fear of failure.

When I started out on my spiritual quest I let go of any thoughts of what I was experiencing as being “crazy” or “insane.” I was, and still am willing to go there if it is what it takes. My books, ebooks and articles and now my work shops are filled with these thoughts that for many are controversial, pushing the limits, or for some just plain blasphemous.

From what may have appeared as failure come new insights, and new awareness I have always shared with others. The failure was not as it seemed at all-what I have achieved could not have been accomplished any other way. All turns brought me to this place I now find myself in. This does not exclude me from life, but brings me closer to it, to its magnificence and perfection. Once again I am reminded of the Buddhist saying, “Before enlightenment comes chopping wood and carrying water-after enlightenment comes chopping wood and carrying water.” There are no failures in life unless you believe there are. All failures are successful steps leading to something better. Once you have obtained failure, success is the next step.

In every step you call failure are the seeds to your next success. Learn to see all the things you do in your lifetime as successful, and success is all you will experience. Failure is just a word-it is how you experience it that makes the difference. Even people who demonstrate abundance and success have failed if what they have created has not brought them what they truly desired. It is simply a demonstration of what they have chosen to manifest success. It may be a process of elimination and not an end unto itself.

It is not possible to accurately judge the choices of others-what appears failure to one is actually success in progress to another. Self judgment is worse than any judgment declared by another because it is personal and you believe it. Judgment by another is simply a demonstration of personal thoughts and is not your truth. Judgment is never a correct observation of any circumstance.

Failure is merely success in motion-learn to accept it, and know it is leading to something better.

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Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy’s books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought about.

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Why Christ is the Only Way to Heaven

Jesus Christ is Lord by Geof Wilson

Jesus Christ is Lord by Geof Wilson

By William Nugent

Christians are often criticized for saying that Jesus is the only way to heaven. This criticism is unjust because every religion and philosophy makes exclusive truth claims.

All religions contradict each other on major issues yet all religions make either implicit or explicit claims of being the only true religion. Even Hinduism claims that everyone eventually gets reincarnated as good Hindus in order to enter heaven.

To explain, let me point out that the laws of logic dictate that two contradictory statements can’t possibly both be true. Islamic teaching on salvation directly contradicts Christian teaching on salvation. If Islam is true, Christianity is false. If Christianity is true, Islam is false. There’s just no other way to deal with it logically. Do we tolerate Muslims? Of course we do! We accept them as people although we disagree with their teachings.

A postmodernist might say to a Muslim “Islam is true for you.” To say “Islam is true for you” is blatantly illogical. That’s like saying to a flat earth society member “The earth is flat for you.” The earth is round for everyone, including flat earthers whether they believe it or not!

Atheistic materialists believe that human beings are the products of nature. Atheists claim there is no God, no afterlife and no transcendent moral code. If atheistic materialism is true, Christianity is false. If Christianity is true, atheistic materialism is false.

Any truth claim is an exclusive truth claim. Any person who makes a statement of any kind is making a truth claim and by this is implicitly rejecting anything contrary to their statement. Again, this is simple logic.

We Christians are not narrow-minded bigots. We believe Christianity is the one true religion because it is based on the historical fact of Christ’s death and resurrection from the dead which was foretold by the prophets. This fact was confirmed by hundreds of eyewitnesses and written down in the Bible.

Painting of Christ by midiman

Painting of Christ by midiman

The Bible itself is credited with over two thousand prophecies and fulfillments. No other holy book comes close to this claim. The fact that Jesus came in fulfillment of hundreds of Old Testament Bible prophecies means that the truth claims of Christianity are backed up by more supernatural phenomena than any other faith.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

Christ died for the sins of all people. The way to show toleration for all people is to love our neighbors as ourselves and gently point them to Christ who loves them and offers them the free gift of salvation.

The Bible in Romans 10:13 says: “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” All who turn from their sins and ask Christ for forgiveness will receive eternal life.

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Bill Nugent has written many articles on Christianity, philosophy and science. He has also written books that give Bible based teaching on sanctification and that caution against the error of legalism. His books are available at his website