Water symbols and visions as a source of dream meaning interpretation

English: Deprogram your fear, reload your drea...
English: Deprogram your fear, reload your dreams. The image belongs to photo-story “The Little Mermaid” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Alex B

The history of humankind carries a special meaning attributed to water symbols and the significance of water in human life cannot be underestimated. Regardless of what a particular water symbol we have in mind, freshwater lake, a river with water flowing freely, or the ocean which can present a danger to people in many forms, the water represents our best friend or our worst enemy depending on the particular event or circumstance related to water. Therefore, it becomes very interesting and challenging to find the correct meaning in interpreting water- related dreams.

Visions of water in our dreams are very powerful images because these kinds of dreams are usually experienced at the peak of our inner feelings and emotions, such as heavy rains, mighty rivers or water falling down on you. Other elements contained in water dreams can be soothing and calming, for example a small stream in a beautiful valley or a relaxing shower. The most powerful and therefore memorable experiences are connected with visions of ocean, such as being lost in the stormy ocean, being helpless or seeking help when all you can see around you is massive volume of water and no signs of land on the horizon. These streams can evoke feelings or emotions related to fear, loneliness or even despair or imminent danger.

Perhaps the most common interpretation of water symbol in the dream is preserving life or protect us from unfavorable events and circumstances or some type of immediate danger we may be anticipating in our waking life. This interpretation is based on a long time experience of humans with water as a source of life. Long time in the past, humans figured out that their life depends on presence of water, and people can go without food much longer than without water. Another important element in subconscious interpretation of water symbols lies in knowing where the water sources are located, because these sources usually exist where the sources of food will be located as well. With the development of trade and travel later on, the water symbols and visions became strongly connected with danger and source of hidden danger. Traveling by water, such as boating on the river or longer travels in the ocean have always been connected with mystery and the world of unknown, that’s why there are so many stories and legends containing images of sea monsters, sirens and frightening creatures inhabiting the depths of the ocean. Polluted or dirty water has always been related to massive diseases, both for humans and domesticated animals and interpreted in a negative sense portending extensive periods of illness or epidemics.

Dreaming about positive experiences related to water can be related to rejuvenation, welcoming a new life, restoring your energy and becoming physically fit. When people dream about being able to control or direct water, it always means positive emotions and gratifying experience in their life after these kinds of dreams. Ability to control water in your dream can be interpreted as some kind of a key or a solution to your existing problem or dilemma and a promise of being successful in solving the issue.

Another way to describe water under control or manageable water sources is an example of when you dream about a lake or the shoreline of a water body which instill a sense of security and calmness or being able to safely cross these water bodies or get to the shore without any problems or danger. These dreams usually have a very positive charge and promise good things in your life after experiencing this dream.

Calm and still water surface surrounding you in your dream when you are, for example, in the boat in the center of the lake is a good sign of recharging and renewal, which can also mean that you will be able to accomplish and achieve what you are trying to work on in your life. Looking for and finding a source of water as part of your dream is an indication that you are actively looking for time for relaxation and getting away from everyday tasks and duties, for example contemplating going on vacation or taking a trip somewhere far away. This dream is basically telling you that your mind and body are in need of recharging and having a break from your everyday routine tasks.

Uncontrollable water present in your dreams is a sign of worries and concerns accompanying you when you are awake. White-water streams and rivers, raging waterfalls or mountain rivers or lakes without visible shores can be a reflection of uncontrollable or unmanageable life circumstances surrounding the dreamer in real life. Similarly, calm but deep waters may carry the same meaning and evoke similar feelings or emotions for people dreaming about this type of water. This is because deep waters are usually a symbol of potential danger or entering into unknown circumstances or ambiguous undertakings with undefined or unknown outcomes for the dreamer.

Very interesting interpretation can also be found in various dream interpretation sources regarding tap water or water obtained using a faucet. It is very important to take a note of who is turning the faucet, either you or someone else, and what goal or objective is being sought when you have this kind of dream. The absence of water or inability to get any water from a tap can be a sign of facing some uncertainties or unusual circumstances which may overwhelm you or create obstacles leading to making important decisions in your life.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/mysticism-articles/water-symbols-and-visions-as-a-source-of-dream-meaning-interpretation-6699863.html

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  1. I am soooo much into dream interpretation that I come close to call it a certain kind of wisdom! Thank you for shedding new light into the world of dream interpretation. I believe when dealing with dream interpretation, we should take into account the individual’s emotional concerns and preoccupations as well as their past and future.


  2. I dream being surrounded by ocean in an island. And rain drizzled on me and later on while somewhere to wash my hands I met this young beautiful lady. She seemed happy for me before or after a kiss I woke up. I was so happy and it got me wondering what it meant for me. At first I was scared and happy again to see myself surrounded by ocean. Small worry when it rain but liked it afterwards


  3. I’m just wondering I always dreaming of water . Lake, ocean or sometimes only a glass of water. I feel to much scared and sometimes I dream with my family that there’s something happened and I panic what I have to do. I just hoping that dreaming of water is good for my real life to be strong in family.


  4. I often dream of a big river,somtimes i see my self helping people fetch water from the well i do hope their implication spiritully are good


  5. I dreamed looking at the ocean in a distance from my house and then it started raining we ran in the house and the ocean came towards us and a ship also. The next day in the dream as I looked out my window the distance scenery was covered with trees, grass, etc. it was beautiful. Then I woke up. What does it mean?


  6. I have this dream it’s kinda weird … first a girl always saw a guy not romantically but it’s creepy it turns out this guy wants to take the girls spirit then the guy turns to ice which symbolizes him… then suddenly the next situation is the past life of the guy “the ice” he was having a walk with his two kids in the river turns out his eldest son saw a girl who wants to take his life then the girl symbolizes the river she wants to drown him but the eldest son said you can’t take my spirit cause i’m in a comma then the lady get’s mad next thing is the father sacrifices his life which is the ice man in the previous situation he turns out he became a ripper … yeah like i’m having stories in my dream it’s really creepy it’s very unusual… the adopted son of my brother died of drowning in the sea and my uncle just died few months ago maybe it’s the reason having this dream…


  7. I’ve had a dream that I can’t fully interpret yet.
    In the dream I was a goddess in a Greek styled building. I wasn’t given a name but I knew I was the goddess of water, I was able to control water at my will and had vocal powers like a siren. Like most other gods I had a food item that represented me ;it was cheese (I’m not sure why its cheese). In my dream I had an instinct ,like my body knew what it was doing before I did. I knew I was on a quest(I specifically remember the word QUEST popping up in my mind a couple times) to rescue children in the Olympus tower(inside just looked like a fancy apartment building for the gods,the walls were ivory with detailing/accents of gold). I remember fighting with one of the men that was keeping the children, I was bending water from every source around me to defend myself, I used puddles and my sweat , at one point I let out a high pitched siren scream in his ear which ended the fight. Not one point in the dream did I feel afraid. I was confident and although cautious,I knew what I was doing. I pulled levers from the bottom floor (which i dont know what they did but i had the feeling that I needed to get moving fast) and rushed to the upper floors where i met a god that lived in the “Olympus building” . The room he was in had clear/glass walls, it was set up like a small lobby, the couch was white and had a red blanket on it(only color in my dream that caught my eye). he was the god of cows and agreed to help me on my quest since one of my representations was cheese….he pointed out that cheese is made starting from cows. He was young (maybe early to mid 20s), dark hair, slim and handsome was wearing a dark leather jacket.


  8. i had a dream today around 2:45 pm that i was somewhat like traveling underwater with my best friend and my sister. the water was really muddy and current was extremely strong plus the sky was covered with dark clouds. we could not find our way out then suddenly i saw that i was left alone there in that muddy and rough sea since i could not sea either my sister or my friend. but i heard them say that we were hearding towards the pacific ocean but it seemed morelike the dead sea covered with dark muddiest water i could ever imagine with dark cloudy sky and i was left alone with no one. after this i woke up
    please advice me on the authenticity of my dream m really scared.


  9. Hello I’m tatiana…could you please help me interpret this dream: I dreamed I was wearing pure white clothes when I entered a big pound filled with red water as I swam I then saw my self naked. What could it possibly mean??


  10. Hi, normally I don’t offer my opinions on what a dream might symbolize because I feel it’s better if you know the person and their situation. But this one resonates with me and I think it might contain some universal themes.

    White – purity (spiritual)
    Red – life in this world (the blood of life)
    Naked – seeing the true self (naked) behind the artifice of convention (clothes)

    So, if one undertakes a spiritual quest toward purity, through the process of life they will see themselves as they truly are.


  11. I dreamed about i was in a group of people marching together for a quest to find the big door that leads to God’s place..and a godlike being told us that we cant get cross if we arent clean enough..so we stop over in this big cave..and i was washing my arms and legs with the soap but the water dry faster in my skin so i took a walk trying to find a faucet that has lots of water gushing..i was able to find it… I woke up after this feeling super hungry.. Wonder what my dream means..


  12. I dreamed of being pulled away from the shore. I was trying to reach my boyfriend the whole time, but the closer I got the farther the ocean water would drag me away. Eventually the shore turned into a cliff. I tried climbing it and I almost made it he was a few inches away and the water took me from him again. What does that mean?


  13. i really wanted to know the meaning of my dream now a days i am in trouble and i really wanted to know the meaning of my dream…! i saw that my enemy and i and my lover we all are at some beautiful place were they ignore me and i ignore them but we are noticing each other activities and then i saw my lover he is in sea standing over there and there is 8 men’s who are completely naked and i saw them all and feel really awkward and my enemy he is with his friend and he is really very happy and talking against me…i don’t know what is the meaning of this please guide me

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  14. I totally associate my water dreams with sex too. (like the above guy!) Lol. Which is def in line with your article as far as them being about rujevenation and new life. Haha. i literally crave doing new life creating dances during my watery dreams for whatever silly reason. Cool article. Haven’t thought about my dreams that hardcore in a long time.


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