Underling Difference between Traditional Tzolkin and Dreamspell

an image of mayan calendar on cosumel island' ...
an image of mayan calendar on cosumel island’ Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Mark Pattinson

These days, two different Mayan calendar systems have surfaced as an alternative to the Gregorian calendar. One of them is the conventional Mayan calendar system and other refers to thirteen moon calendar. The traditional system is based on the sacred calendar which is still used in some parts of Guatemala. At this point, it draws inevitable curiosity as to the differences between the two systems.

It should be mentioned in this regard that 13 moon calendar is also known as Dreamspell. This alternative is so dominating that only a few have clear understanding of its significant difference from traditional Mayan calendar. In fact, the most common perception is both are identical or the later is a more advanced version of traditional calendar. Let us now put the most important differences between them as follows:

Jumps on Days

13 moon calendar makes jumps on some particular days. The most notable jump is on February 29 in every leap year or Olympic year. On the contrary, traditional Mayan calendar which is considered more sacred, never features any kind of jump. It is based on continuous flow of heavenly creation and every day in the Mayan calendar is assigned a sacred energy of time.

Going by that rule, every day is associated with a sign and number. To put it differently, the very concept that there would be some days without any energy in calendar seems to be alien to the basic concept of Mayan calendar. In a comparatively modern version of Mayan calendar i.e. Dreamspell, Feb 29 is sans energy and so different from other days. However, that leap was not originally conceptualized by Mayan people but by Pope Gregory in 1582.

Sweet but ancient Mayan vendor looking totally...
Mayan vendor at Chichen Itza (Photo credit: Alaskan Dude)

His decision of excluding a particular day plays an important role in this new calendar system. However, that difference negatively affects people’s understanding of traditional and sacrosanct Mayan calendar or Tzolkin. July 26 is also a big jump every year, which is in stark contrast to the traditional way of moon counting in Mayan system where month duration alternates between 29 and 30 days. That was uninterruptedly followed.

Traditional system reflects the phase of moon and so is more scientific.

Way of Month Counting

The traditional way of counting months in Mayan calendars heavily harmonized with the female’s natural cycle of menstruation, gestation and ovulation, which does not hold true for Gregorian calendar.

Dreamspell or 13 moon calendar is not considered an authentic approach towards Mayan calendar. Those who still stay put with this diversion can make a visit to mymayansign.com. The website uses a different counting system but produces same type of analysis and prediction with higher accuracy.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/astrology-articles/underling-difference-between-traditional-tzolkin-and-dreamspell-6986520.html

About the Author

Fatih is extremely passionate about Mayan civilization, especially the Mayan calendar, astrology and predictions. He owns a website to educate intending readers about Mayan sign, astrology and most importantly differences between Dreamspell and traditional Mayan counting. To know more, visit his website Mymayansign.com.


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