What Synchronicity Means & 3 Examples Of What It Looks Like + Opinion

Is it just coincidence or something more meaningful?

Source: What Synchronicity Means & 3 Examples Of What It Looks Like

Opinion: The above article outlines three examples of what the writer believes are synchronicities. I have to admit they are pretty good examples, and they have a ring of truthfulness about them suggesting they were not just made up.

When I volunteered at the old Allexperts.com, it seemed some people were more interested in honing their paranormal fiction writing skills than reporting the truth! But I don’t get that impression with the above article.

My only concern with the piece is that it seems a bit too easy. Human beings are interpretive creatures so when things happen, we tend to interpret according to our existing biases. Coincidences may happen but how we interpret those IMO is really open to debate.

If someone gets locked into a system of noticing certain things at the expense of others and interpreting them in a habitual way, what we call confirmation bias, there is no reason why coincidences – even meaningful coincidences – could not fall into that anticipatory pattern.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that coincidences and greater connections do seem to occur. But how do we interpret these..? That’s where we really have to step back and question: Am I falling into my own pattern of believing, desiring and doing?

One example that comes to mind in the above article is the number 444. The author says it is an auspicious number but, ironically, I have for many years believed the opposite. My ‘reasoning’ was that the Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes) has a hexagram 44, and it is a warning hexagram. So in my particular way of seeing things, add another #4 to get 444 and you have a really big warning.

Now, I’m not saying my interpretation is right and the author’s is wrong. I only mention 444 to highlight how personal we can get with unusual phenomena like synchronicity. And when things are personal, they are also biased.

When you get right down to it, who among us is not biased in some way?

The bottom line is if you are beginning to experience synchronicities, I suggest staying healthy both mentally and physically by not jumping to conclusions.

The experience of synchronicity probably just means things connect in ways we barely understand. However, the experience should not be a basis for making important decisions. Decision making should involve all of our faculties: Body, mind, social realities, and spirit.

If interested in this topic, check out my Ph.D. on synchronicity.

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