Trying out a book Reader app, installing software, and posting thru the WordPress app for Android (which I don’t normally do).

You can see the e-reader app, middle right. It’s called ReadEra and I am quite taken with it.

The text is customizable, as is the background.

I’m reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and this app is helping to bring it to life.

Here I’ve outlined Murat. I didn’t know who that was but the integrated web search took me directly to an explanation. ReadEra also has integrated translation, for those longer foreign phrases that you might not understand without a little help.

One problem I used to have with the classics was that I didn’t know some historical figure or geographical location. So I’d begin to drift and lose sight of the plot.

Now with ReadEra, it’s all at my fingertips. Like getting the best of two worlds… The old and the new!

The book itself is amazing. When I’m plugged in, as it were, my imagination rivals any CGI that we find with contemporary history TV series. And the dialogue and language are just so much better. No need to pander to the masses or ruin historical accuracy with current notions of political correctness.

Alexandre Dumas is telling it like it was, with no network editors meddling with his creativity.

What a trip!