A while ago I recommended Bodhi Linux and I still love that Ubuntu-based distro. It’s super-fast, minimal, and great for low-end computers. However, after some testing I have noticed that (out of the box) it doesn’t always display GUI very well for some programs. I’m sure there is a way to get around this. With Linux all you usually have to do is add something and the problem is fixed. But I’m still a newb, so am feeling my way around.

After almost giving up and returning to that old bloat, Windows 10, I decided to give Lubuntu one more shot.

I’m so glad I did. I pretty well have everything working that I really need in the music-making department. And the best news? It’s all free stuff!

Here are two great free plugins that didn’t work with (my limited knowledge and) Bodhi Linux but which work like a charm with Lubuntu. I’m not sure if it’s some ‘package’ that needs to be installed or a different desktop environment. As I say, I just learn on a ‘need to know’ basis. If it works, I usually don’t look much deeper. If it doesn’t work, an intuitive solution is sometimes better than searching through the web for hours and hours and hours.

LMMS with A1 Trigger Gate on Lubuntu 18.04
LMMS with Synthmaster Player on Lubuntu 18.04

To get these Windows plugins to work in Linux I had to install Wine. I also use KX Studio’s Carla. But I’m not sure if Carla is helping here or not. (Carla makes it possible to run Surge, another great VST3 for Linux.)

I realize this is more detail than most of my readers will need. But in case a few budding Mozarts or Maria Callas’ out there want to discuss how I did this, feel free to ask in the comments area.🙂