Another old quote from Genesis with Peter Gabriel. Well, some of you may have noticed that a few days ago I removed the “like” button at It was necessary at the time. I had had a dream that I was bitten by a small furry animal and although it didn’t really damage me, it did draw blood and could have been rabid.

I felt the dream indicated how I was feeling at the time. Overextended, tired of feeling I have to reciprocate if someone likes my stuff, etc. So I tried blogging without “likes.” There was some advantage to it. I rehauled the site without worrying about getting back to my web ‘friends.’

And who knows, I may pull it again sometime.

But for now, I have reinstated likes. It’s a good indicator, like any other metric. Also, when I filter out the phonies and hostiles, there are some really nice people out there. I don’t want to lose them just because of a few fakes and psychopaths.