Night Eye enables dark mode on any website using its proprietary algorithm.

Source: Night Eye – Dark mode on any website – Chrome Web Store


This is a nice dark theme converter that works on just about any website. Apparently, it doesn’t simply invert web page colors but uses algorithms to select an appropriately dark color mix. I already have the Chrome dark theme activated for my browser toolbar and tabs, so it looks really good.

Genesis 4 – USCCB (click on image for original)

I added the blue box afterward with another freeware called Krita (I plan to review that in a few days after testing it out more), but you can compare this Night Eye version to the original web page here:

Night Eye is great for me, someone who likes to work late but doesn’t want to damage his eyesight! Also, it’s super easy to turn on and off because it’s just a Chrome extension.

My rating: 👍👍👍👍👍

The above biblical passage, btw, is dedicated to Professor X (another ‘dark theme’ project I’ve been working on mostly at😄