YouTube Roundup – Feeling stressed? Forget SAD… go into ORBIT!

I personally think that the psychiatric diagnosis of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is going a bit too far. It spooks me to think how some psychiatrists prescribe ‘medication’ (that is, drugs) when there are better ways to get out of a funk.

Whenever I feel weighed down by the world or by hostile presences, one thing I like to do is view the Earth from space. The ISS has two great channels but they cut in and out a bit. Conspiracy theorists claim that’s when a UFO passes, and NASA doesn’t want us to see it. That’s pretty nutty to me. A more reasonable explanation is the one provided—the limited power resources on the ISS are temporarily required somewhere else.

Anyhow, I watched this on a big screen and found it quite relaxing. It’s long so I just let it run in the background after I got a bit bored. The music is nice if you like low-key electronica.

Enjoy! And don’t let the winter get you down. Celebrate it!

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