The Fool on the Hill

You gotta admit, I was concerned about Carbon Taxes way before most people were. The thing about these taxes is that they are not fixed but increase exponentially over the months, rippling through the economy and doing great harm to people’s livelihoods and sense of well-being. As Minister Freeland says in this fictional comic, Canada only produces about 1.6 % of all greenhouse emissions worldwide. Add to that the fact that much of it comes from cow farts and not gasoline, and the Carbon Tax makes no sense for struggling Canadians.

Definitely goes with this song:

As a final point, we also have to remember that back in the 70s a lot more folks were demonstrating against nuclear power. Nuclear fission is often dangerous and always toxic. But some of the Green anti-carbon people of the 21st century don’t seem to care too much about the nuclear nightmare. How fickle some of the Green crowd can be…

1970s nuclear protesters – Netflix, History 101

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