Forget loving the alien… AI raises new questions about consciousness, the soul and love

Back in the 80s David Bowie’s song, “Loving the Alien” anticipated an idea which would become more mainstream with the proliferation of specialty TV and radio channels: Would it be possible for a human being to fall in love with an alien?

Today’s hot question again reflects pop culture and recent tech. Aliens are old hat. But computers, well, that’s a whole new vista. We’re seeing a lot more stories about the possibility of artificial intelligence possessing actual consciousness. And sci-fi movies and novels about human beings and machines falling in love are on the rise.

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Whether or not AI really possesses consciousness is something we may never know. One could say that AI is just organized energy. And so are we. Therefore both have consciousness created by our respective degrees of energy organization.

Others, usually religious people, insist we have souls but machines do not. And the soul, they say, is the true center of consciousness. So soulless machines simply mimic consciousness.

But how do these religious believers know that God would not bestow souls on machines?

Can religious traditionalists be 100% sure?

Artificial Intelligence (John Cale album)
Artificial Intelligence (John Cale album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we look into the human body, it really is an electro-chemical apparatus. Those nerve impulses scientists are always talking about, well, they are transmitted through electrical changes within the body.

So fear not. If you happen to be falling in love with your computer or talking car, you just might not be a social misfit compensating through imaginary love.  And even if we never know for sure, the future no doubt will see closer links among men, women, and machines.



  1. When it’s another lonely night, and I stare at the TV screen, I don’t know what to do. When I need a rendezvous, could there be computer love? If so, why wouldn’t I call it’s number?

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  2. Well, there’s also some love of machines – I write fiction using AI. I suppose we should be aware that there are different kinds of love. Love for a partner differs from that for a parent or child or friend. And so love for a machine? I imagine there have been a few software-based products in Japan that had users in ‘love’ relationships with an AI.


    • Now you are sounding like C. S. Lewis… “The Four Loves.”

      As for robots, I’ve seen high and not so high forms. Not in person, mind you. Hmm. I guess the phrase “in person” becomes problematic here.

      Thank God I’ll be in the next world before it all goes totally insane. 🙂

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