Genesis – ‘In the beginning’ to today

Religion Genesis (Hebrew Bereshit = “In the beginning”) is the first book of the Bible, containing the two different versions of the Jewish and Christian creation story. Among other things, Genesis tells the primeval tales of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, and God’s involvement with the apparently chosen… Read More Genesis – ‘In the beginning’ to today

Gabr – A derogatory term for non-Muslims still used by some today?

“Gabr” is a Persian word that was originally used to describe a follower of Zoroastrianism, a religion practiced in ancient Iran. Over time, the word came to have a negative connotation and was replaced by the term “Zardoshti.” By the 13th century, “gabr” was used to refer to anyone who followed a religion other than… Read More Gabr – A derogatory term for non-Muslims still used by some today?

Garhashtya – Stage two for the “twice born”

Today, I’m posting a very short Think Free entry about the traditional Hindu ‘stages of life,’ especially as they pertain to men. Perhaps when I finally get to “A” in my revisions of Think Free, I will do a complete list of the four “asramas,” which previously I broke down into separate stages.  Garhashtya is… Read More Garhashtya – Stage two for the “twice born”

Heterodoxy, orthodoxy and their overlap

Here’s another revised Think Free entry. Most of the updates result from observations and impressions gathered while a frequent churchgoer prior to the pandemic. — MC The word heterodox means practically the same thing as “unorthodox,” denoting beliefs and practices opposed to and usually publicly condemned by established figures or leaders. The term is found… Read More Heterodoxy, orthodoxy and their overlap